Top 5 Stories of the Week | September 12-16


Avery Williamson’s Custom Cleats

Despite being warned of a heavy fine, Tennessee Titans’ linebacker Avery Williamson wore his own custom made cleats, in honor of the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. The cleats were red, white and blue, and read “Never Forget” and “9/11” on the back.

Due to NFL’s tedious uniform rule, Williamson will be fined up to about $6,000 for breaking dress code. Not wanting to bring a negative light to the situation, the linebacker does not argue against the fine.


The U.S. and Russia Ceasefire plan and The Airstrike

Not long after the United States and Russia, emitted a ceasefire plan concerning Syria, an airstrike poured down in rebel-held areas in the northwestern part of the country. Idlib took most of the damage, carrying about 60 out of the 90 casualties.

In the meantime the United States and Russia came up with an accord to help decrease the violence.

According to U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, the pact called for the Syrian government and its opposition to stop all attacks for a period of seven days. It would also allow for humanitarian admission into areas of Syria, victims of crossfire, and establish a demilitarized areas around the northern city of Aleppo.

Russia’s role during this time period will to put pressure on the Syrian president, Assad, to behave on his obligation, while the U.S. will apply pressure on the opposition to also behave and stay good to their obligations. Ultimately, according to Kerry, the plan depends on the cooperation of the Syrian people.


Galaxy Note 7 Explodes in Hands of 6 Year-Old

In Brooklyn, New York, while  watching videos on his technological device, a young boy’s Galaxy Note 7 exploded  in his hands after becoming overheated. He suffered burns on his hands that night.

Earlier this month Samsung issued a recall on all Galaxy Note 7, due to over 30 cases of these devices exploding in the event that the batteries had overheated. The company assured the customers that each device will be replaced.

For now, the Federal Aviation Administration warned passengers not to turn on these devices on airplanes nor to charge them.


Woman Arrested For Stealing French Fries in Washington D.C.

In northwestern D.C, at a restaurant called Italian Kitchen, a woman was arrested for stealing 3 french fries from a police officer’s plate.

According to the policeman, two women entered the restaurant seeming already intoxicated and had initiated small talk with him. One of the woman took a fry off his plate and was warned to stop after she snuck a second one off.

Ignoring this warning the woman took a third and was arrested for second degree theft.


The Kaepernick’s Protest

For two games in a row the San Francisco 49ers’ backup quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, took a knee during the Star Spangled Banner.

According to Kaepernick, his protest goes deeper than protesting the anthem, but is his way to protesting the racial injustice he feels is going on in the nation. Other NFL players also joined him in his protest in their own way from taking a knee to raising their fists during the singing of the national anthem.