Top 5 Stories of The Week | September 19-22


Back to Back explosions in New York and New Jersey

Explosive devices went off in New York and New Jersey.

The first explosion rocked Seaside Park, New Jersey, just prior to a 5K Marine charity race in the area. The explosive was reported to have gone off in a trash can in the pathway of the race and made of three pipe bombs.

The officers reported that no one was injured.

The second explosion detonated in New York City on West 23rd street, right outside a residency for the blind. The blast could be heard from several blocks away.

24 of the injured victims were sent to the hospital while the remaining victims suffered cuts and bruises.

Reports claimed that one of the explosions came from either a black metal toolbox or a trash bin. The other explosion came from a pressure cooker hooked with wires and a cell phone.

The police found and captured one of the suspects, Ahmad Khan Rahami, laying in a bar in Linden, New Jersey. He was previously charged with 5 counts of attempted murder and was brought in for questioning. He has been charged with five counts of “attempted murder of a law enforcement officer” according to a release from Union County Prosecutor’s Office.

Bill De Blasio, Mayor of New York City, declared that the initial impression was that the bombs were an act of terror.

U.S. and Israeli Military aid Deal

President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin recently signed a Defense Memorandum in which the United States will provide military aid to Israel.

The agreement allows the United States to give Israel around $3.8 billion a year for a 10 year time period starting in 2018.

The agreement was made in a joint effort to stop terrorism as well as sharing the same goal for the resolution of issues in Syria.

Tensions Rise between U.S. and Russia, after U.S. Airstrike on Syria

The U.S. and Russia ceasefire plan for Syria weakens after the United States lands an airstrike over Deir-al-Zour, Syria.

Syria reported that about 62 Syrian soldiers were killed from the airstrike.

The U.S. army put out a statement saying the airstrike was “unintentional”. The airstrike was targeted for an ISIS post in the area. The attack was ceased when they were informed that they had actually hit an eastern base in Deir-al-Zour.

Celebrities Combine Their Talents In a Poem Expressing the Difficulty of Refugees

A group of celebrities, including Chiwetel Ejiofor and Keira Knightley, were led by Oscar winner Cate Blanchett in a poem reading of “What they took with them” written by Jenifer Toksvig.

The poem was inspired by the hardships and testimonies of several refugees and served as a symbol of awareness for the goal to get the United States government to ensure safe havens for refugees.

Teen Sues her Parents Over Baby Pictures

An Austrian couple was sued by their 18 year old daughter for posting baby pictures of her on Facebook. She is looking for financial compensation as well as for the photos to be taken down.

The father argues that he has the right to post the pictures since he has ownership over them. She claims that, in the past, she had asked her parents to take down the photos several times but they had refused. She believes that now that she is 18 it is time to take legal action.