Top 5 Stories of the Week I September 26-30



Presidential nominees shake hands (AP Photo/David Goldman)

Presidential Debate: Round 1

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump shared the same stage for the first time, at Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York, for their first presidential debate. The debate was moderated by Lester Holt.

The debate was filled with Trump’s sniffles, in which he claimed it was a microphone issue, and a continuously interrupting Holt and making faces during the time he wasn’t speaking. Meanwhile, Hillary responded to Trump’s arguments with laughter while advertising her website.

Both candidates discussed 3 topics: achieving prosperity, America’s direction, and securing America.

Trump’s argument for improving the country’s economy was to bring back the companies that abandoned the United States and keep corporations from leaving the country. He also discussed ways to provide more jobs. He claimed that under his plan he would cut taxes for those businesses, in order to allow for businesses to grow and expand within the country, which in turn will help create more jobs for the American people.

Clinton claimed that under her plan they would create more jobs by raising taxes on these businesses, in which more investments would be made in the areas where the economy can grow and create more jobs for the people. Clinton also continued by declaring her plan will increase income as well, thus helping the middle class.

When shifting onto the topic of race, Clinton admitted to the social injustice and voiced that under her administration she would take immediate action and find ways to get the community of the people and the community of the police together and solve issues by sharing a mutual goal. She also stated that government action would be taken to pay for better training in the police force.

Trump urged for a stronger law and order system; to protect the citizens, especially in the more violent areas of the nation. He stressed how the government must be very vigilant and strong to enforce law and order.

As the debate ended on the topic of securing America, the Republican candidate disclosed that the only way to secure our country is to upgrade our weaponry. He urged the importance of strengthening the country’s arms. He stated that Russia and several other countries are updating their own arms at a fast rate, and that the United States needs to not only keep up with this development, but be leading this development.

Clinton expounded on the need to work more closely with the country’s allies, and focus on stopping terror, especially the allies located in the Middle East. She also advocated for working with citizens in the States that had come from the Middle East or share an Islamic background.

The two presidential candidates ended their debate with a handshake and will meet up again for their second presidential debate on October 9th.

Obama Opens African American Museum in Washington D.C.

After 4 years of construction, President Barack Obama formally opens Washington D.C.’s first African-American museum in the country’s capital, with the ringing of a bell that belonged to America’s oldest black church on September 24th. He was also accompanied by former President George W. Bush and his wife.

The museum not only holds important artifacts from the slave era, but, according to President Obama, the museum is meant to tell the long standing story of the lives and innovations of African Americans throughout the past decades to present day.

The Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture kicked off its first opening with a 3 day festival, with performances from rap and Jazz artists and the rearring of black poems presented by Angela Bassett and Robert De Niro.

The World’s first Passenger Hydrogen-Powered Train

After 2 years of construction and innovation, the French transport company reveals that its first hydrogen-powered passenger train, Coradia iLint, will open in the winter of 2017 in Germany.

The hydrail is an electric train that is to be powered by a fuel cell that discharges only steam and produce electricity as well. The electric engine the hydrail is supposed to be much quieter than regular diesel trains.

Most other hydrogen powered innovations were focused on cargo transportation. This will be the first one to carry passengers.

Brad Pitt “Torn” After Not Being Able to See His Kids

52-year-old actor, Brad Pitt, hasn’t seen his 6 children since his estranged wife Angelina Jolie filed a divorce.

Before she filed for divorce, Jolie rented a home for her and her children to stay in temporarily. Brad Pitt is under inspection for report of child abuse.

Woman Accused For Running Over her Boyfriend’s Ex-Wife

Monique Craft has been arrested for attempting to run over her boyfriend’s ex-wife, in Wichita Falls. She was charged with aggravated assault.

Craft stated that she originally went to the home to visit her boyfriend. She found out that he was upset because she had went to hang out with her friends and as a result he got back together with his ex.

According to the boyfriend’s ex wife, Craft drove towards her and only hit her leg. She was not severely injured.