See You at the Pole


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Whitney Steed, ENN Editor

In 1990, ten students gathered around the flag pole at their school to pray over their school, their community and the rest of the year. This tradition has grown over the past 20 years into a nationwide event. Every year, on the 4th Wednesday of September students gather the flag pole at their school.

Although it is usually seen as a Christian event, everyone is welcomed. Lake Ridge High School students gathered at 6:45am for the 2016 See You at the Pole. Kayla Parnell and Hailey Knight, juniors,  led the group in worship songs while Dylan Thompson, sophomore,  led the group in prayer.

“To me, “See You at the Pole” means coming together with my family to worship and pray over our school and lives,” said Parnell.

For the people attending, it’s more than just singing a few songs and praying. Veronica Seder, sophomore, has been attending See You at the Pole for three years. “See You at the Pole encourages Christians to be more bold with their faith and to share their beliefs with their school. Seeing teenagers spend time in the early morning to go and pray will make people see that faith is worth our time and is a priority to us,” Seder explained.

“See You at the Pole” has grown from 10 people to thousands across the United States. Students gather around the flag pole as a community for a time of prayer and to come together with a united cause.