Whether fraternal or identical, the everlasting connection between twins is undeniable. While some are closer than others, they will always represent the internal connection between a pair.

As for Haley and Hannah Fisher, freshmen, they are definitely a pair that is closer than most. “I think we understand each other more than just regular siblings because we are the same age,” said Haley.

A passion Haley and Hannah both enjoy is band. While Haley plays clarinet and Hannah plays horn, “our love for music is a something we both share,” Haley said.

Other than band, “baking and cooking is something we both like,” said the twins. They often do this together and it is one of their favorite hobbies. “It’s something we’ve been doing since we were younger so it means a lot to both of us,” explained Haley.

Haley and Hannah both feel that their bond is stronger than most siblings. “The best thing about being a twin is always having someone who you can depend on,” the twins agreed. “(Being twins) means more than just being born at the same time,” said Hannah.

So, is there really much difference between fraternal and identical twins? Lillie and Payton Cayea, sophomores, feel their bond is unbreakable- even as fraternal twins. “We have an understanding that in the long run we can only count on each other,” shared Lillie.

Sharing similar passions may bring a pair closer, but for Lillie and Payton it’s the exact opposite. “We are completely different.. she’s (Payton) more of an artistic person and I’m more athletic,” stated Lillie.

Although they are complete opposites, there has always been little to no conflict between them. “We honestly rarely fight. We have an understanding that we’re not out to get each other,” Lillie and Payton agreed.

No matter what happens Payton shares they will always be there for each other.

“The best thing about having a twin is that you know that no matter what happens in life you will always have someone that has your back,” Payton expressed.