Top 5 Stories of the Week I October 11-14


The Second Presidential Debate

For the second time during this year’s Presidential race, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton shared the same stage at Washington University in St. Louis, for their presidential debate.

Prior to the debate, Trump boldly held a press conference with three women who had accused former President Bill Clinton of sexual assault, and a fourth woman who was allegedly a rape victim in which Hillary Clinton defended the rapist and got him off all charges.  Trump also provided the four ladies with front row seats at the debate.

The presidential debate kicked off with sparks as neither candidate shook hands when they stepped on the stage.

The Republican candidate responded by apologizing and saying that he was very embarrassed by the video, while at the same time advocating that he will put an end to ISIS. He also stated that what he said was misunderstood and he had never done the things that he had talked about in the video.

The rest of the debate continued with unanswered questions and much more interruption than the previous presidential debate. Both candidates continued to interrupt and throw insults to each other.

As a final topic the candidates spoke about what they respected about each other. Clinton claimed that she respected her counterpart’s children, saying they are very able and devoted. Trump stated that he admired Clinton’s willingness to not back down and not give up.

Ending on the last note the competing candidates shook hands, and are set to meet again Wednesday, October 19th, at the University of Nebraska in Las Vegas.

Trump’s 2005 leaked Video Scandal

Days before the second presidential debate, a video of Donald Trump and the previous  host of “Access Hollywood” Billy Bush, from 2005 was leaked.

The video captured Republican candidate speaking in vulgar terms about women and making contact with them without their consent.

As a result of the release of the tape Trump’s wife, Melania Trump, refused to do a joint television appearance with him. NBC executives made the decision to suspend Billy Bush from the “Today” show until a further review was made of the matter.

When the topic was brought up during the presidential debate, Trump claimed that he was very embarrassed and that it was just “locker room talk”. He released an apology via video and during the debate.

Hurricane Matthew kills Hundreds

Within a course just a few days, Hurricane Matthew struck the Caribbean and the Atlantic coast of the United States as a category 4 storm. The hurricane left damage and destruction in its wake; killing 19 along the United States eastern borders.

However, the Caribbean islands took an unyielding hit from the catastrophic storm taking nearly 500 lives from Haiti alone. The storm destroyed much of the infrastructure of the island and its neighbors.

The storm continues to loom on the eastern coast of North Carolina, but has Been downgraded to a less dangerous post-tropical cyclone as it makes its way out back to sea.

“The Birth of a Nation” and Rebirth of Controversy

The highly anticipated movie “The Birth of a Nation” finally dropped in theaters and is said to be a leading Oscar contender, in a break of “sidelining minorities” in the industry. The movie had received many positive reviews.

However, the success of the movie within a short time have staggered as a scandal from director and writer of the movie, Nate Turner, resurface from 1999 when he was accused of rape and had reappeared when he was recently informed that the victim had committed suicide back in 2012. As a result, boycotts of the movie began to gain momentum.

Turner in response had not known of the event and gave his grievances and hopes for his past actions not to affect the success or viewing of the movie.

Prime Minister Caught Playing “Pokemon Go” in Parliament

The Prime Minister of Norway, Erna Solberg, was caught on camera playing “Pokemon Go” in the middle of an intense debate of sorting the country’s parliament.

The Prime Minister is the leader of conservative party and she gave her attention to that of the gaming app while a member of the liberal party spoke.

However, Solberg’s interest in “Pokemon Go” is no secret, as she took a vacation to go Pokemon hunting.

When asked about her playing the popularized game during the meeting she claimed that some people listen better when doing something else.