Humans of Lake Ridge

scarlet-holr-2My dad yelling at me was my wake up call. I’m a sensitive person and it was really emotional for me when he did. He has a strong influence over me. He tells it like it is. I screwed up my freshman year. I thought it was going to be like middle school and they were just going to pass me, but I was wrong. I felt like an idiot because of my grade point average. My dad yelled at me and I was offended by what he was saying and I wanted to prove him wrong. So I started working hard and caring more about my grades. My dad is the least screwed up person I know. Sure he makes mistakes, but he has done a lot to make himself successful and I look up to that a lot. One day he actually complimented me and it made me feel so great inside. I didn’t realize how great it would feel, but it meant a lot to me. In the future I just want to be happy with what I have. I didn’t grow up rich. My parents were divorced and I basically lived in a dump, but I want to have a great job so I can provide for my own family, and I want to make a difference in the world. If junior me could tell freshman me something I would tell her to focus more on school. To be confident, and that there really is nothing wrong with you.