The Final Stretch: Trump and Clinton


Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are both down to the final stretch in this year’s presidential race. Their last presidential debate of 2016 took place at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas, moderated by Chris Wallace of Fox news. The debate began fiercely as Clinton and Trump tried to make the most of their last attempt to convince the American people to vote for them, and prove themselves worthy for presidency.

The candidates spoke on serious subjects such as abortion, laws concerning gun control, immigration laws, and relationships with the countries in the middle east and Russia.

The two politicians spoke over and interrupted each other numerous times during the open discussion. Clinton spoke over her allotted time, while Trump referred to Clinton as “a nasty woman.” 

Both candidates strayed from the topics on immigration and the problems in Syria. Clinton also claimed that the Russian government was affecting the people’s votes through internet hackings. Trump claimed no knowledge of the accusation. However, on the topic of immigration Trump’s promise to get rid all of the “bad hombres” did not go over well.

Trump also claimed that Clinton should not be allowed to run in the first place because she had committed a crime during her email scandal. In response Clinton made the bold comment that when things don’t go Trump’s way he claims that it is because everything is “rigged.”
The vicious debate ended with Trump’s striking statement of not knowing whether he would accept the results of the election, breaking a 200 year old tradition of both candidates accepting the results in the past.