Artist Evan Olsen Visits LRHS Art Class

Evan Olsen drawing a student
Mrs. Boyd
Evan Olsen drawing a student

When students enter Ms. Boyd’s art class they are accustomed to seeing her student’s artwork displayed on the walls. However, on Friday September 16, the artwork of focus was from the professional portrait artist Evan Olsen.

Mr. Olsen visited Lake Ridge to display his portrait skills and to inspire the future artists of Lake Ridge.

“I think it’s important that kids have an inspirational figure to look up to,” said Olsen. “I never got to meet my grandma. She died before I was born, but she wrote a book called Portrait Painting and that really inspired me to draw.”

Ms. Boyd believes that Mr. Olsen is “amazingly artistic.” She also believes it’s virtuous that kids see an inspiration figure like Mr. Olsen.

Evan Olsen's Drawing
Mrs. Boyd
Evan Olsen’s Drawing

“It’s great that kids get to see a real artist like Mr. Olsen. Kids need someone to boost their confidence,” said Boyd.

Mr. Olsen also gave one lucky student from each class a portrait drawn of them. Sophomore Sam Cox was that lucky student.

“[His artwork is] amazing and inspiring. Seeing an artist here really boosts your confidence,” Sam said.