More than Two Choices


Jill Stein (left), Gary Johnson (center), and Evan Mcmullen (right).

Whitney Steed, ENN Editor

This up coming presidential election is a common topic being discussed in our news today. We keep being presented with the question on who to vote for: Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. When debating between these two candidates the main thing people look at is the negative side and how awful Trump and/or Hillary is. However, they have made it this far in the election even though they are constantly being judged for actions considered immoral. So if they are really that bad, why are we voting for them?

The media has been focused on painting pictures of the two most likely people to become President. When we are constantly seeing the two main candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, we don’t stop to realize that we have three other candidates to chose from.

In total there are five people running for president: Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Evan McMullin, Jill Stein, and Gray Johnson. Three of the candidates may be less well known but they certainly bring a lot to the table. According to the Chicago Tribune the candidates have a slightly higher chance of winning this year.

“The existing two-party system has been the mainstay of American politics for a century and a half. But the discontent felt this year among Democrats as well as Republicans suggests there is an opportunity for the Greens and the Libertarians to establish themselves in the national consciousness in a lasting way,” says Chicago Tribune

Even though we have three more candidates to choose from we still go back to Trump and Hillary. According to the International Business Times (IBT) our system of government doesn’t give much hope to anyone not considered Democratic or Republican.

“There are often few prominent third-party candidates who throw their hats into the ring during presidential campaigns, but because America’s political system is built to favor two major parties, they rarely do well,” said IBT.

The question still remains. If we think Trump and Hillary are so bad, why vote for them? The independents who are running may have had little chances of winning in the past but that doesn’t mean they can’t win. If you truly believe that Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton isn’t going to make a strong leader for our nation, then don’t vote for them. Vote for someone who has values and morals that match yours.