New Years Resolutions


Johnny Beamen

Karan Crawford talks about his new years resolutions.

The year 2017 is approaching, which brings along New Year’s resolutions. A tradition many individuals make to improve their lives in the hopes of making themselves either happier, healthier, or successful.

Jacob James, Sophomore, made his New Year’s resolution in January of 2016, hoping to eat better, and work harder in athletics.

“My main resolutions for the 2016 year were to maintain a healthier diet and to step up my training for the upcoming cross country and track season,” James said.

James says he was able to reach his resolution and maintain it without falling off, and says his hard work has really shown.

“I have been keeping up with my goals and the results have been good because of it,” James said.

Kagan Crawford, senior, also made a New Year’s resolution to improve on his AP exams.

“My New Year’s resolution last year was to maintain an average of 4 to 5 on my AP tests, I did fulfill this for all but one exam, due to a lack of studying and particular attention in the subject, I am looking forward to reaching my goal this upcoming year,” Crawford said.

A New Year’s resolution allows people to have the opportunity to make up from their failures they have had for the past year, although, more commonly people tend to fall short and can only last till the end of January.

Michael Bishop, sophomore, didn’t exactly do too well on his resolution.

“My New Year’s resolution was to play less video games. I failed to accomplish it, because I had a lot of free time and the lack of discipline to find other things to do.

All in all, New Years resolutions are a great tradition made at the beginning of each year. They give us all hope to better our lives in the future, whether we maintain our resolution, or fall shortly after. It is a great way of celebrating the new year in a positive and refreshing manner.