The Toilet Paper Week 11: Favorite Christmas Gift


Aysia Holder

Coach Riley (upper left), Ms.Stewart (upper right), Ms.Wheatley (lower left), Ms.Want (lower right)

The holiday season full of gift giving and gift receiving. This is even prominent in Pre-Christmas activities such as white elephant, cookie exchange parties, secret santa, and so on. Some receive gifts almost every year, and some gifts are more precious to them than others.

“My favorite Christmas gift I’ve ever received would probably have to be a train set from my grandfather whenever I was about 8 years old,”art teacher and football coach Beau Riley said.

Riley continues on, saying that his grandfather loved trainsets and has had this particular train set for a fairly long time,”and so it really meant lot to me when he had passed it down to me.”

On the other end of the spectrum, freshman biology and AP biology teacher, Rebecca Wheatley claimed that she does not like receiving Christmas gifts.

“To me it’s more about being with family and giving gifts. My most special memories are when I get to go home (in Pennsylvania) to my mom and grandma, my sisters and brothers,” Wheatley explained.

Instead, Wheatley likes to makes stuff for them to allow them to remember her children.

Wheatley isn’t the only one who finds it more memorable spending time with family than receiving gifts. Associate Principal, Natasha Stewart, says that her favorite part of the Holiday season is spending time with family.

“We have a really large family. Everyone comes together and we always do this really big elephant gift exchange. And it’s really more of just the laughter, the coming together, and enjoying each other’s time. I really can’t say that I’ve had a favorite gift, because the greatest gift for me is just being around my family,” Stewart expressed.

After thinking long and hard, spanish teacher Ivonne Want announced that her favorite gift was from nine years ago. Her engagement ring, when her husband had proposed to her on Christmas day.

“I guess I have to choose that one right?” Want chuckled.

Receiving a gift can leave a lasting impression on a person. Even the simplest gift can mean the world to someone. So, what is your favorite gift you’ve ever received?


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