The Toilet Paper Week 13: What Grade Level Are You?


Aysia Holder, ENN Staff

1.If you’re late to school, what do you do?

A. Freakout, skip breakfast, and rush to school

B. Take my time anyway

C. Rush to school, because I know if I’m 30 minutes late I’ll be counted absent

D. Go back to bed and maybe I’ll go to school depending on what time I wake up.


2.You left your ID at home, what do you do?

A. Call my parents and ask them to bring it to school, before I get caught.

B. Ask my friends if they have an extra one. If they don’t I’ll make my own.

C. I keep an extra one in my backpack, I’m good.

D. I don’t even care, if they catch me, they catch me.


3.If you fail a test, what is your reaction?

A. I hide the grade from my parents, and retake the test as soon as possible.

B. Give up. I’ll retake it later.

C. I cry and study again, and then retake the test.

D. Lol. It’s second semester, I’ll just do extra credit.


4.When do you go to the school library?

A. I go to the library to use the computers for research (or sometimes I play games on it).

BI eat lunch there.

C. When I want to check out books. Why else would I go to the library?

D. We have a library?


5.You stay up late on a school night. Why?

A. To watch TV.

B. To study for a test, to do homework, and to cry.

C. Doing homework.

D. Filling out college applications.


6.How much sleep do you get each night?

A. 8-10 hours.

B. 0-3 hours.

C. 5-7 hours.

D. Maybe  up to 5 hours, including nap time.


7.How do you spend your weekend?

A. Hanging out with friends.

B. Doing Homework 🙂

C. Doing community service.

D. Visiting colleges or sleeping


8.What is your favorite subject?

A. English!

B. Lunch.

C. Math!

D. Senior Release/Late Arrival


A= 1 point

B= 3 points

C = 5 points

D= 7 points



Freshman: 8-19 points

Junior: 20-31

Sophomore=: 32-43

Senior: 44-56