Top 5 Stories of the Week | Jan. 23-27th

“The United States Gets Back Control of its Borders”

Wednesday of this week, President Donald Trump kept his campaign promise and signed into action an executive order to begin the construction of a wall to be built along the Mexican-American border.

However, the payment of the wall will not go as the new President promised. Instead U.S. taxpayers, it is speculated, will be paying for the construction of the wall and repayment will come from new import taxes levied on Mexico.  President Trump promises that Mexico will reimburse the taxpayers, despite claims from the President of Mexico saying that they will not take part in any payment of the wall.

“A nation without borders is not a nation. Beginning today, the United States of America gets back control of its borders,” President Trump said when discussing the executive action.

The President also signed other executive orders that called for the addition of over one thousand more Border Patrol Force Agents and Custom Enforcement Officers.

The Birth of Alternative Facts

After making his first appearance as Press Secretary, Sean Spicer received much backlash for allegedly presenting falsehoods concerning the amount of people that attended the inauguration of 2009 versus the amount of people that attended the inauguration of 2017.

After President Trump’s Inauguration many news articles and tweets were posted comparing the number of people that were at former President Barack Obama’s inauguration in 2009 to President Trump’s inauguration, whom had less people in  attendance. The new administration did not like this comparison and therefore sent out Spicer to correct the “misconceptions” in which he was accused of giving out false facts.

On ‘Meet The Press’, Kellyanne Conway, advisor to the President, defended the administration by calling Spicer’s statements as ‘Alternative Facts’.

The term is being compared to George Orwell’s book “1984”, a dystopian novel about a controlling government (called Big Brother) brainwashing people through newspeak and doublethink.

Just three days after Conway’s coinage of alternative facts, according to the ChicagoTribune, the book’s sales went up significantly making it Amazon’s best seller.

Social Media Lockdown

Employees of the Environmental Protection Agency and the Interior Department were put on a social media lock down after being instructed not to post any blogs or press releases on any form of social media, unless reviewed. The source of the lockdown seems to have come from within the agency itself.

They were also told not to post any updates on their website unless advised to or if it was reviewed.

The Trump administration is currently reviewing the EPA website to determine what information should remain and which should be removed. Press Secretary Sean Spicer announced that such orders did not come from the White House.

According to Fox6Now some career staffers felt uneasy, claiming that they suddenly felt like they must be very cautious in order to not set off anything from the White House.

Chris Brown and Soulja Boy: “The Fight of The Century”

Singer Chris Brown and Hip Hop artist Soulja Boy have decided to settle their long social media dispute in the ring.

The boxing match was suggested by Chris Brown after Soulja Boy bragged about being with Brown’s ex girlfriend Karrueche Tran.

Soulja Boy is currently training with lightweight boxing champion Floyd Mayweather. Chris Brown also recently announced that he will be training with the heavyweight champ Mike Tyson.

The boxing match is to take place in Las Vegas, sometime in March.

Many, however, believe that the match will not happen because of regulations that Las Vegas has for boxing match, concerning drugs. Also they believe that fans, despite the hype, will not pay for pay-per-view of the fight if the two artists were to fight in Vegas.

In his most recent short interview, Soulja Boy says that the match isn’t about money (for him) but rather for respect as a man. He also hopes that at the end of the fight him and Chris Brown can “shake hands and be friends.”

Teacher Receives Backlash on Giving “Dating” Homework

A teacher from Highland High School in Utah, received many complaints from unhappy parents for giving students an assignment dealing with dating.

The assignment was called a “$5.00 Date”, in which it gave a list of things of what girls should do and what boys should do on dates. The controversy came from the girl portion of the paper, in which it listed things that were associated with the Victorian era for women. It told girls to be feminine and ladylike stating ideas such as, “Give him a chance to be gentlemen like, and wait for him to open the door.”