Top 5 Stories of the Week | Jan.30-Feb. 3

The Chronicles of The Executive Order: The Refugee/Immigration Ban

Last Friday President Donald Trump signed an executive order placing a “last minute” closing United States borders to refugees, travelers from seven predominantly Muslim countries, including permanent residents (in the U.S.) from any of those countries. Many people were stopped at airports and stripped from flights, and people with visas were also kept from entry.

This sudden ban brought much uprising throughout the United States as protesters, protested against the ban at several airports across the country from John F. Kennedy airport in New York to the LAX airport in California.

Within just a matter of a couple of days several federal courts have objected to the ban, including New York, Virginia, and California.

In response to the uprising of protests and objection by the courts the Trump administration has made tweaks to the ban, making a few exceptions such as those of dual nationalities and those who worked for the government.

Press secretary Sean Spicer stressed at a conference that the executive order is not a travel ban but a “vetting system” used to keep American borders safer and secure.

Refugees, Boycotts, and Starbucks

In response to the White House’s ban on refugees, the CEO of Starbucks, Howard Schultz, announced that the company will work to hire 10,000 refugees for the next 5 years, from around the world.

These refugees would come from over 70 countries where the Starbucks franchise has been established in.

Schultz announcement received much criticism as many threatened to boycott the coffee franchise. Some accused the company of ignoring veterans for refugees, in that they are willing to hire thousands of refugees instead of veterans.

However, back in 2013 the company set up a similar project in which they vowed to hire 10,000 veterans up until 2018 and according to Business Insider the company claimed to have hired over 8,000 veterans in the past four years.

The company was also accused of neglecting unemployed Blacks and Hispanics in the United States, for refugees, in which the company responded by revealing their recent projects in building different restaurants in low income areas.

Frito Lays’ Breathalyzer!

Frito Lay recently created a specialized chip bag for tostitos, not only used to hold the chips but has a breathalyzer inside that detects the amount of alcohol in a person’s system.

If the bag reads that the person is too drunk to drive, a message will appear that reads “Don’t drink and drive” and give a code that can be used for a $10 discount on an Uber ride home.

However, this bag is limited edition and the $10 discount is only useful on the day of the Super Bowl.

Woman Calls Police to Complain about the “Ridiculous” Price of Marijuana

An unknown woman from Australia’s northern territory called the police and asked them to investigate in why her dealer has hiked the price of marijuana.

However, the drug is illegal in that territory so when they asked for her information she quickly hung up.

The officers who received the “strange” phone call posted on instagram captioning that they’d “love to help” with anyone’s marijuana prices.

The post received positive feedback as people found it funny. However, many did sympathize with the woman agreeing that the raise in marijuana prices were ridiculous.

Beyonce and Jay-z’s “Double-Dose” Announcement

After posting an Instagram picture, superstar, Beyonce gave her fans a double dosage of news to her fans captioning under her Instagram post that she and Jay-Z are having twins.

Many other celebrities including her younger sister Solagne Knowles and Rihanna congratulated the couple and reposting the picture.