Student Profile | Jessica Uselding


Melissa Uselding

Jessica Uselding helps Tate Heitmier during a football game

Whitney Steed , ENN Editor

Behind every sports team there are many other teams backing them up. For Jessica Uselding, senior, being a part one of the those teams is important. During her freshman year Uselding became a student athletic trainer for the Lake Ridge High School football and soccer teams. Over the 4 years of high school she has found a love for it.

“I like being a trainer because it’s a great way to combine being involved in sports & helping others. My favorite part is being on the sidelines for every game anext being able to create bonds with the athletes I work with,” said Uselding.

Not only does Uselding love her job but she is also recognized for her proficiency and ability. Dr. Purcell, one of the head trainers at Lake Ridge High School, has seen all the work Uselding has put in since day one.

“Jessica is good at seeing the needs the student athletes have and helping them. It may be taping ankles, covering a blister, stretching, or just getting water where it needs to be,” said Dr. Purcell.

To be a trainer there are many requirements and jobs performed through out every game. To be able to perform these tasks correctly trainers often have to show up before the players and practice the proper techniques.

“They have to keep up with the academic requirements that teachers ask, and keep up with the requirements that the coaches ask of their teams. This means to be at every practice, every game, cover on holidays and Saturdays if the coach ask. They must be willing to put athletic training before their own social life and job. Good student athletic trainers can do this but to be a great student athletic trainer you to do all this and above all put others first,” said Dr. Purcell.

I like being a trainer because it’s a great way to combine being involved in sports & helping others.

— Jessica Uselding

According to everyone around her, Uselding fits every requirement as well as the description of a “great student athletic trainer.” In addition to this, Uselding is someone others enjoy having around. Sophomore Caitlyn Simpson has been a trainer for two years and has gotten to know Uselding.

“Jessica always does even more than she’s asked to do and she helps out even with sports that she doesn’t need to help with. She’s really outgoing and has a fun personality and she also always knows exactly what to do,” said Simpson.

On the field or off the field Jessica Uselding is constantly showing her dedication and strong work ethic.