Top 5 Stories of The Week I May 8-12

The Saga of Trump’s Healthcare Plan Continues

A second and readvised attempt has been made by the Trump administration to replace and repeal Obamacare, and it has won its first victory by being passed in the House last Thursday by only 2 votes. Now it’s up to the Senate to pass the bill, and if it is passed Trumpcare will officially replace the Obamacare.

The new healthcare plan takes away many of the mandated requirements of the previous plan and gives the states a chance to determine whether they want to keep these requirements or not.

However speculations are going on that the bill will be killed in the Senate, because of key implications of the bill. One many of the requirements of the bill go against strict beliefs of the moderate-republicans in the senate, considering reconciliation rules.

But the largest problem/concern of the health plan is that it requires the elderly to pay five times more than what younger healthcare participants will have to pay. This poses as the biggest threat to the bill.

Another large factors that could lead to the destruction of the pill is the 30% surcharge of those who allow their plan to lapse.

The republicans are taking careful precautions on keeping democratic senators from filibustering the bill, and revision of the bill is highly imminent.


New French President

France’s new president has officially been elected. Winning with 65.5% of the votes, Centrists candidate Emmanuel Macron will take office as France’s youngest president (age 39).

However, more history was made as Macron is also the first president to belong to a party outside of France’s traditional political parties.

However, it has been speculated that Macron’s win was not a surprising one since he had been fairly popular throughout the election.

Macron’s opponent, Ms Le Pen (National Front Party Candidate), expressed that the election revealed a “division between patriots and globalists” and that the National Front will have to go through a transformation in order to keep up with these times.

Much is awaited for the new ambitious president, as expectations for him have been set for him in this new presidency.


Venezuela’s Women’s March: The People Vs. The Government

This past weekend Women’s Marches took place throughout the capital of Venezuela to protest against their leader’s socialist regime. They marched in the wealthier parts of the city.


Thousands of women were in attendances and chanted (according to the LATimes) the phrase “Who are we? Venezuela! What do we want? Freedom!”

Students also joined in on the protest and pulled down the statue of the country’s late President Hugo Chavez, destroying it, as a way to demonstrate their anger due to a life of inflation, food shortages, and uncontrollable crime.

Government Police force combated these marches with tear gas. Some, however, had homemade gear to protect them from the gases.


Clashes with the police force like this, have gone on within the past month resulting in the deaths of around 13 people.


Nicki Minaj Pays For Student’s Tuition

“More money more problems” does not apply to rapper Nicki Minaj, as she offers to pay for student’s tuitions.


The sudden idea began when a fan tweeted Nicki Minaj asking her to pay for their tuition. The rapper then took it a step further and decided to make it into a competition. Saying that anyone who could prove that they are asking for money for school only that she will provide them with the money.

Within minutes her timeline blew up with requests for money. The rapper only took requests for a little less than an hour and over a dozen students were seeing the money in their bank accounts the next day.

The female rapper later tweeted that she enjoyed giving the money and that she will do it again in the near future.


Running For Sheriff 2020

45 year old, retired NBA player, Shaquille O’Neal announced in an interview that he plans on running for Atlanta’s Sheriff position in 2020.

In his interview the former NBA star expressed that he was doing it not for political reasons but because it was something he had always wanted to do.

He shortly expressed the need to bring the community together and that he believes that he can do that stating, “I’m a guy that speaks all languages. I can throw on a suit and have a conversation with Bill Gates, I can go in the hood and talk to the homies and talk to the children and I know how to run a team.”

O’Neal also goes in to say how he admires the respect of the Sheriff position.