“It” Movie Review

You normally expect to get scared during Halloween but now thanks to Stephen King you don’t have to wait. In 1990, King released the horror movie ‘It’ about an evil clown terrorizing a group of friends also known as, “The Loser Club.” Twenty seven years later, ‘It’ is back and ready to strike again in the new remake of the movie released this month.

The remake differs from the original movie with things like wardrobe and location. Also Pennywise the clown, known as “It” was made to look more scarier with a darker painted line through the face and hazel eyes rather than brown. Instead of a regular clown suit like he donned in the original movie, Pennywise now has a more authentic suit to make him look more evil.

Lake Ridge students are mostly excited for the new ‘It’ movie to come out so they can see what changes were made and how it could be better. Senior, Anthony Salinas, believes the original ‘It’ movie was better than the remake. Having an interest in horror films, Salinas expected much more from the remake of the movie.

“I prefer the original movie because the originals are always better than the new ones. I was expecting it to be really scary but instead, it was repetitive and it was like you knew what was going to happen next,” said Salinas.

Other students like junior, Leone Raigoza, actually enjoyed the remake more than the original. Not a fan of horror movies, Raigoza recommends the new version of ‘It.’

“The clown itself looked scarier and the the group of friends were actually funnier,” said Raigoza. “I think the remakes are always better because it explains parts of what you missed in the original.”

‘It’ had a successful opening debut weekend and will no doubt live on as Pennywise costumes are sure to be a popular hit this Halloween season.