More Than The Medicine

Ashton Blackwell, ENN Staff

Over the summer, sophomore Kayla Danage had the opportunity to take part in the invitation-only Congress of Future Medical Leaders Conference. Located in Boston, Massachusetts, this conference included over 4,000 students, who were both academically advanced and took interest in the field of medicine. At the conference, Danage had the chance to listen to over 23 speakers, including successful medical doctors whom she gained inspiration from.

Despite the difficulty and amount of study needed within medical field, Danage’s motivation to attend the conference as well as pursue her passion remains unchanged. For her, this career is about more than just studying and extra work.

“The medical field is a difficult field to get into, but if it is something that you love it shouldn’t be that bad. Even though it is hard, I know at the end of the day I’m doing something God has led me to, I believe, and I’m making a difference in the world,” said Danage.

In the past, Danage has walked alongside her mother as she overcame several medical obstacles. It was through those experiences, as well as her close relationship with her loved ones, that Danage’s undeniable drive has set for success. Family holds an important place in her priorities, and it is her closest relatives that inspire her the most.

“My personal experiences with my mom have made me work harder. Anytime I think about giving up, I think about my mom, and I think about my future, and my family in general. Not just my mom, but my dad, my brother, and my entire family in total,” said Danage.

Events like this can have a major impact on the future of students who attend. Lake Ridge counselor, Staci Ross, believes that opportunities such as this conference enhances their abilities as well as knowledge in their future field.

“These conferences and camps may be beneficial in cementing what it is that they are planning to do in the future. It gives them a chance to meet people in the industry, get real-world experiences, and networking opportunities in what they are interested in. It also gives them something they can add to a college resume, or maybe even a college essay about what it is they want to do or major in,” said Ross.

The combination of passion for her future and high academic performance, is leading Danage down a successful path to the difference in this world she longs to someday make.