The Turning Flags That Turn Our Heads

Twirl, toss, catch, rehearse. A routine that has been perfected by the Lake Ridge color-guard. While working with the band to create the best halftime show possible, color-guard leaves no detail untouched. The time and effort this organization entails, requires much dedication.

Just as a dancer can’t be successful without their music, the colorguard relies heavily on the Lake Ridge marching band. While the music is a major key in any halftime or competition show, the colorguard works with the band continuously to make an image of the notes that are played. Lake Ridge band member and sophomore, Jackson Turner, believes colorguard’s duty of creating pictures on the field is extremely important and brings the show to the next level.

“During halftime, the marchers create pictures with their formations, but colorguard’s biggest role is their ability to add a better visual aspect to our music. Usually when the band is taking breaks, colorguard is practicing their flag turns and stuff because they have a really big responsibility on the field,” said Turner.

Mrs. Robin Cloud
Band and colorguard members celebrate the announcement of their win at prelims.

Color-guard is a program of precision. Both the directors and members break down routines until everything down to the footsteps, is flawless. Practices are long and frequent, but regardless the hours dedicated to the sport, color-guard members continue to work towards a better performance for each halftime or competition. Sophomore and member of color-guard, Ian Sherman, sees and shares the perfectionist mindset displayed in the color-guard practices and productions.

“The band directors take everything step by step to ensure our feet are in order and we are hitting every count perfectly. We use a metronome to make sure every beat is just right and practices are over two hours,” said Sherman.

Aside from the many ways color-guard benefits their audience and school, there are many positives coming from the organization that affect the members themselves. Color-guard member and sophomore, Summer Johnson, feels she has gained many friendships and memories because of her involvement in this sport.

“I have made so many new relationships by joining the band program. It takes a special type of person to stay in the program, but once you’re in, you have 250 new people who you have a huge connection with. We really become a family, because we spend so much time together. We all go through the heat of band camp and the cold of playoff games, and it brings us closer together. Band kids only really talk about band because that is our life. And we really wouldn’t have it any other way,” said Johnson.

Finding a place you belong in high school is what any student longs for, and the color-guard members have done just that. A strive for a flawless show and endless hours working with the band and one another, produce the magical halftime we all know and love.