A Marathon of Horror

Blood dripping and mutilated bodies all over the floor is what horror films are about. Horror films have given us classic movies ranging from Chucky all the way to Jason or to the most recent, Pennywise the clown. Some people watch them as a tradition, every year playing scary movies the entire month of October.

Although there are plenty of horror movies to choose from, most students stick with their favorites. Senior, Chelsea Nortei says her favorite movie is one she has been watching for years.

“Nightmare on Elm Street, its just how creepy his voice was and the scene when he walked down the alley way with his arms stretching out. It really freaked me out when I was younger and  it still does,” Nortei said.

As Halloween approaches, television channels like HBO and The SYFY channel broadcast horror movies the entire month, showing classics like The Shinning, Children of the Corn, and Poltergeist. But how did this marathon of horror begin, what movie started it all?

Senior, David Ohonbamu believes George Romero Night of the Living Dead is the movie that started the phenomenon.

“Back in the 60’s scary movies I think weren’t really a thing until Night of the Living Dead came in to the picture giving us there version at the time of The Walking Dead,” Ohonbamu said.

Aaliyah Young thinks it was the Texas Chainsaw Massacre that began the craze.

“The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is the one who started it because the fact that it’s one man who has no supernatural abilities, just a regular guy, who can cause so much panic, is what makes it so scary. Also not to mention that this could very well can happen in real life,” Young said.

Not all students however have had the pleasure of laying in bed afraid to sleep because of a creepy movie. Senior Emmanuel Pierce was not allowed to watch scary movies growing up.

“Growing up I wasn’t allowed to watch them because of religious issues. The Omen and The Exorcist are two I wasn’t allowed to watch since they had something to do with demons and my mom didn’t want me to be exposed to all of that especially at a young age,” Pierce said.

An entire month of scary movies awaits you, if you are brave enough.