Real vs Fake Christmas Trees

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Opening presents under the Christmas tree is a common tradition for people who celebrate the holiday. But which kind of  tree do you open them under? Real and fake Christmas trees each have their advantages and disadvantages, depending on how much money you are willing to spend, the kind of material you want in your home, and how much you care about the environment.

Back then, Christmas trees were just gigantic, green toilet brushes. The first artificial Christmas trees were invented and sold by a company that manufactured toilet bowl brushes in the 1930’s. For many people, these trees seem easier to put up and take down because you don’t have to go buy a new one every year. When you don’t have to buy a new one every year, it allows you to save money.

Unlike real Christmas trees, no watering has to be done, making it more convenient and easy to take care of. Sophomore, Temi Morhunfola, likes to decorate her house according to the holiday, however she would rather not have to go through the hassle of a real Christmas tree.

“I like to put ornaments on the trees, a wreath on my door, and I hang up my stockings on the fireplace. I prefer fake Christmas trees because they are non-flammable and they are easier to buy at the store,” says Morhunfola.

Although there are many benefits to fake trees, there is one thing they don’t have. The Christmas smell. One very distinguishable trait of real Christmas trees is their scent. Typically, their natural scent of pine or cedar immediately attracts people to the tree. Sophomore, Sophia Minotti, believes that with real trees there is less to worry about.

“You don’t have to store them after Christmas is over. You can just throw them out or recycle them. I also just really like the way they look. They just look more authentic,” said Minotti.

One advantage of a fake tree that sticks out is the price. Although real trees are less expensive than fake trees, buying them every year versus buying a fake tree every few years makes them slightly more expensive. Real trees also have a lot of responsibilities that comes with them. Watering them and making sure you clean up after them. Senior, Chenemi Unwuchola, conclude that real trees are a lot of work so she personally prefers a fake tree.

“I like to decorate my house with a Christmas tree and tinsels around the stair railings. I think both are good, as long as it’s a tree. I believe we have a fake Christmas I would not prefer a real one over fake because you have to do stuff to it and water it, and I’m too lazy for that,” said Unwuchola.

Both trees have their ups and down but they still both serve a purpose. Whether you choose a Christmas tree that is made out of aluminium or plastic, or one that is authentic and smells like pine, they all serve the same purpose: fulfilling holiday spirit.