V Day Party of One

Valentine’s Day is a day that celebrates being with your significant other. A day where you spend lots and lots of money on your boo or bae. But for some students, Valentine’s Day is just another single day in the single life. Yes, Valentine’s Day isn’t a day full of romantic dinners and expensive stuffed animals for everyone.

Being alone on Valentine’s Day isn’t necessarily a bad thing. According to a February USA Today article, Americans are projected to spend about $19.6 billion on Valentine’s Day. Thats about $196 per person. This is actually a plus for singles. Mostly because they don’t have to spend money on anybody, except for themselves of course. To Sophomore, Ian Martinez, too much money is spent on Valentine’s Day.

“As a single myself, I think I get an outside view of what goes on Valentine’s Day because I’m not blinded by ‘cupid.’ There is way too much money that gets spent on a single day. From the stuffed animals to the reservations at restaurants, it’s just too much,” said Martinez.

For some being alone in the first place is depressing enough and Valentine’s Day may magnify that sadness. Being surrounded by couples on a day dedicated to couples almost mocks those who haven’t found the right one. On Valentine’s Day, singles almost have to try their  best to make the day more than just a gloomy 24 hours. Sophomore, Nick Grenier, will be trying is hardest to stay happy during the holiday.

“You know, on Valentine’s Day, I’m really gonna try to make it a ‘glass half full thing.’ Like when all my friends are with their boyfriends and girlfriends, I’m gonna try to make it something positive. Like no friends around could mean more time to myself and more time to reflect. That’s something good that can come out of a day where I don’t really fit in as much,” said Grenier.

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For some, being alone on Valentine’s Day isn’t their preferred choice, but asking someone out isn’t exactly what they have in mind either. Yes, there will be plenty of “third-wheeling” going on this Valentine’s Day. Third-wheeling is when a single joins or tags along on a date with a couple. For most couples, third-wheeling makes for an awkward date and can be nuance. For Sophomore, Jakob Conrad, third-wheels won’t be a problem for his romantic day.

“Honestly, third-wheels won’t bother me as much as they used to. I’ll most likely just ignore them or just include them in the conversation. I feel like making a big deal over somebody who just doesn’t want to be alone is kind of childish. Most of the time third-wheels are just people who don’t wanna be alone, especially on Valentine’s Day,” said Conrad.

So if this Valentine’s Day, you’re alone or third-wheeling, don’t beat yourself up. The single life can be a fun life if you make it one.