An Academic and Athletic All-Star

While the term student-athlete may describe many students within Lake Ridge, sophomore, Aaron Libed takes this title to a new level. Being at top of his class and a state-qualifying swimmer, Libed represents the best of both worlds.

As one could imagine, balancing the responsibilities that comes with being a Lake Ridge swimmer, and maintaining a nearly perfect GPA, can easily become a daunting task. Sophomore, Aaron Libed, deals with the pressures of his various roles through multiple methods, which help him to remain successful. Aside from the common tactic of planning out responsibilities, Libed uses his consistent mindset to help him within his positions.

“Balancing obligations in academics and swimming is extremely difficult. The classic answer is time management, which for me, is still far from perfect. One thing that remains constant in all of my pursuits is the idea of hard work and faith. My academic growth is a direct result of the visceral desire of mine to succeed,” said Libed.

To accomplish any goal, the work put into the dream must match the desire to accomplish it. Within sports, Aaron Libed worked to make mental changes this year, in order to increase his performance and ensure a successful season. Unlike his freshman year, Libed held the mentality that intense practice and determination were what could lead him to a chance to compete at the state competition.

“Sophomore year was a turn around, as it was really my last opportunity to make state, given that we would move up to 6A. I knew there was work to be done. With hard work and prayer, I was able to qualify for state in two events,” said Libed.

provided by Aaron Libed
Aaron Libed at state meet.

As a result of Libed’s academic success, he is a member of Lake Ridge’s science UIL team and NHS, plays in an orchestra in his free time, and plans to pursue a research program position this summer at a university. While Libed is proud of these achievements, he believes his PSAT score is the peak of his accomplishments.

“Perhaps the apex of my academic achievements was finding out my PSAT score. The day of the test I prayed for God’s wisdom, and He duly granted it to me. I had worked so hard for the PSAT and prayed in preparation for the test,” said Libed.

Not only does Aaron Libed excel within education, he advocates it. As the example of his classroom dedication shows, the desire of people to gain knowledge is, by nature, what brings overall prosperity. Libed knows and embraces his own educational potential, through his determination to grow intellectually.

“Education is human nature, and we may not all prioritize it, but it is inherently in us to an extent. The human thirst for knowledge has led to the education of masses. Education is one of the many paths to success, and the nurturing of the mind is the cause of our success as a race. It just so happens that I am able to understand the value of it  at a very young age,” said Libed.