Embarrassing Work Moments


Most high school students would like to have a job in order to earn a little extra cash. Yet, when at work no one expects that humiliating scenarios can happen at anytime of the day. Situations like tripping over your own foot, spilling a drink on a customer, or even passing gas can cause questionable looks from the people around you. While working at their jobs, many students seem organized and efficient. However, there are some untold stories that have happened behind the cashier.

Restaurant positions can vary from being in the kitchen making food, to working at the cash register. If you work at a fast food restaurant like sophomore, Kayden Chasteen, then it is definitely possible to make mistakes that may be a little embarrassing.

“I work at McDonalds. It’s a good first job experience, honestly. I started working to save up for a car and it’s a little more convenient. Once, I was at the window, and I was handing them out their food and I dropped three Happy Meal boxes and they dropped in between with the car. It was terrible,” said Chasteen.

Junior Marcus Parker has worked at Altitude for a little over a year. Parker is in charge of monitoring children as they play. His most embarrassing moment left him with a few bumps and bruises.

“During a children’s party two guys dressed as a banana and a gorilla grabbed me and threw me into the foam pit. I was shocked to see a giant banana running toward me,” said Parker.

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While embarrassing yourself in front of customers is awful, dealing with rude customers can be even worse. Junior, Jakob Huerta, recalls a time that a customer of  his at IHop flipped out and called him a derogatory word. 

“Customers are the toughest part about the job. They sometimes complain and everything has to be perfect. I got a guy’s order wrong and they called me a [derogatory term]. I just walked away,” said Huerta.

While most high school students commonly work at fast food places or take time to babysit their neighbors, sophomore, Rebecca Purser, works at a hair salon. She works as a secretary and a cleaner. With this job comes the risk of misspelling people’s names and getting an angry look of annoyance.

“I work at Great Clips. I think the benefits are money. It’s kind of easy, and the people I work with are really nice, my boss especially. Sometimes I get people’s names wrong or I don’t hear them, so they have to correct me a lot, or I have to ask them continuously what there name is or how to spell it,” said Purser.

Awkward moments seem to be inevitable, whether you are working at your day job or just trying to move around someone in the hallway. No matter how careful you try to be, accidents and embarrassing moments can find you quick.