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Spoiler Alert!


This article is about spoilers for Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War, thus, this article contains spoilers for Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War. Viewer discretion is advised.

From the moment the trailer for Infinity War told us that the blockbuster would come out on April 27th, people were both dreading and praising the release. On the weekend movie’s release, masses of devout Marvel fans crowded into the movie theaters. However, some of the people crowding into the theaters didn’t have the purest of intentions. Perhaps the phone in their pocket was recording the most important scenes, and later will be posted on Twitter, in an attempt to spoil the movie for thousands of innocent moviegoers.

Movie spoilers often utilize a number of tactics to ruin movies. While some people using social to expose the intense scenes of the movie, others spoiled it through videos that contained illegal recording of the movie. However,  freshman, Dylan Okoth, had the movie spoiled for him by a classmate, who simply invited him to watch a video. Unfortunately, Okoth didn’t know that video was a pirated copy of one of the most tear-jerking moments in the film.

“Several of my friends who watched the movie came up to me and tried to spoil it by coming up to me and telling me spoilers, so I tried to ignore them. Then, one of my friends, who watched it illegally, pulled up a clip of the movie and told me to come look at it. It was a clip of Thanos killing his daughter, by pushing her off a cliff,” said Okoth.

Spoilers for groundbreaking films are feared by casual watchers as well as fanatic geeks, and some even go as far as deleting their entire social media accounts temporarily to avoid spoilers from people who have already watched. Senior, Tyler Mulkey, placed himself on a temporary ban for all social media, in order to prevent  himself from seeing any memes, stories, or posts which would potentially spoil the movie.

“I tried to prevent myself from seeing any spoilers by separating myself from any social media, because I know that’s a really common place to get movies spoiled at. I learned that the hard way from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, when I was exposed to a spoiler in that. Of course, I was ticked off, so now I make sure to prepare myself to defend against these people who think it’s okay to spoil movies for other people.” said Mulkey.

Despite an outspoken population of angry spoiler victims, not all people mind these spoilers. People like Jacob Hernandez, Senior, don’t exactly care if  the movie is spoiled for them because they still appreciate the movie experience; the popcorn, the collection of fans, the atmosphere, and of course, an action packed movie to help finish off the entire ambiance.

“I did get the movie spoiled, but it didn’t really effect the way I watched the movie. I figured that, since I’m going to watch the movie anyways, it didn’t really matter. I did try to find the scene which was spoiled for me, but that was really the only way I was affected by the spoiler. The whole ritual of watching a movie is what really matters to me, even though I am a very devout Marvel fan,” said Hernandez.

Movie spoilers are a reminder of how powerful social media can be. It gives users the ability to access and communicate with the world at their fingertips. For some malicious pranksters, this privilege is abused to play a practical joke on people, some of which have already spent money on tickets to seats in sold-out movie theaters.

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