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New teachers join Danny Jones Middle School


Adorned in a smart, formal outfit, the newest teacher at the middle school is dressed for success.

Met with nervousness, she opens the door to her new classroom, taking in the strategic layout and vibrant interior of the room that she set up just a couple of days ago. The teacher is met with several students, sporting elaborate binders and enormous backpacks, uniformly sitting quietly at their seats. The anxiety washes away.

It’s time to teach.

Several new teachers have joined the staff at Danny Jones Middle School this year, each with unique experiences and teaching styles to educate their students.

Many of those teachers are not only new to the campus, but to the district as a whole. Courtney Brunicardi, a new seventh-grade Language Arts teacher at Danny Jones, recently moved from Florida to Texas. This is her eighth year teaching.

“Everyone in this district is very positive, which is a very nice change from where I came from in Florida,” Brunicardi said.

Another teacher, Ryan Manuel, is a new boys athletics coach at the campus.

“I’ve been coaching for three years,” Manuel said.“Two of those years were at private schools. This is my first year teaching at a public school. So far, I love and enjoy it.”

At any school across the world, there’s children from all walks of life. According to Manuel, however, Danny Jones is totally different from the private schools he used to coach.

“Between private and public schools, I enjoy public schools more because you can impact so many more kids,” Manuel said. “That’s what I enjoy the most.”

Jillian Turner, the new Choir and Leadership teacher on campus, has a different opinion about Danny Jones compared to the previous schools she’s taught at before.

“During my first year, I taught in Arlington at Diane Patrick Elementary School and just last year, I taught at Hurst Junior High,” said Turner. “I have to say that Danny Jones is my favorite by far.”

Turner also seemed to be very pleased with her students this school year.

“These are the best students I’ve ever had’” said Turner. “They’re so respectful, they get their work done, and they’re just very smart, nice students.”

According to Turner, not only is she content with her students, but her staff workers and fellow teachers as well.

“I love the other teachers and I love team Yale,” said Turner. “Everybody’s super helpful and just really nice, friendly, and welcoming. I already feel like part of the family, so I love it here.”


Story by Hannah Van & Brittany Wood