Move Aside, Top 25!


Diana Fernandez

Members of the Lake Ridge Key Club participated in DCON in Dallas.

Giving back to the community, donating their time and efforts to help others, and being paid with the smiles of those who they have helped. Key Club does this for the opportunity of serving and giving back to the community.

This organization was founded almost 95 years ago, created by individuals who wanted to bring like-minded, selfless people together to better the community. ‘Til this day, Key Club and their good deeds persist in several communities, more specifically, here at Lake Ridge.

Key Club is an organization where its members gather in order to volunteer and discuss upcoming events. Although some individuals only join clubs like this in order to add onto their college resume, others, such as Beyily Brooks, sophomore and Key Club Secretary, believe the club has much more meaning than what it may seem to have on the surface. 

“Key Club means everything to me. It’s a club that is student-ran and based off of volunteering. A club that has put me in contact with so many new people. A club that has given me the opportunity to make friends. I joined Key Club not so it can look good on my college resume, but because I truly love to volunteer and help others. Key Club, to me, is where I can go to serve others and know I possibly made a positive impact on their life,” the Key Club Secretary said.

Due impart to Brooks’ passion for the club, the members were able to go to this year’s District Convention, or DCON, which is a gathering of all the Key Clubs in Texas and Oklahoma for district elections and the celebration of all the clubs’ achievements. According to Kayla Moore, Senior Representative, DCON has given her an experience she will never forget.

“I have been blessed with the opportunity to be able to go there twice, and each time it has been the greatest experience. This year, I truly had an amazing time. I don’t remember the last time I laughed and danced so much in a span of two days. DCON is something that I’ll always remember, and I’m super glad I got to spend it with my other super funny, talented, and intelligent officers. They helped make the experience unforgettable,” the Senior Representative stated.

Along with being able to go to DCON, the Lake Ridge Key Club has also won awards at the district convention. These awards included the Distinguished Website award, and placing 20th in the Top 25 best Key Clubs in the Texas-Oklahoma district. Preston Truong, Junior Representative, is proud to be a member of a team that made history. 

“This is a huge accomplishment. Not only has this never happened before, but it also proves that MISD Key Clubs can also be as solid as other schools. I feel like this achievement also brought all of the MISD schools even closer than before,” the Junior Representative said.

Along with this amazing achievement, members of Key Club have also gained more than just this award. According to Alan Phan, Sophomore Representative, he believes that Key Club has given him something he will always remember and use in the future.

“I think the experiences that I gained from Key Club will benefit me in the future by showing me the importance of giving back to your community and how to be a leader,” the Sophomore Representative stated.

With this year coming to a close, DCON is the event that wraps up the year for Key Club. Although its members have received and learned many valuable lessons from the club, Moore believes the club will continue to go on to achieve great things in the future. With the end of school drawing near and some officers graduating and going their separate ways, every member will be remember the international Key Club motto, “Caring- Our Way of Life.”