New Beginnings, More Coffee

Every new school year starts out slightly different than the last. This year includes new bell schedules, new administrators, and now, a new addition to the cafeteria. This school year we will have a new addition to our cafeteria, a brand new café. Where students can buy coffee and morning snacks to start their day off right.

This new café will be by the JROTC and step team hallway. It will be open all day so students can enjoy some coffee or snacks. It will always be open to all students and staff members. AP Human Geography teacher, Ashley Hicks, says she likes the idea of a new café because it’s an advantage for shorter lines for students.

“It’s pretty cool. It’s nice to have more options in the cafeteria. I think it’s great having more places for students to go which means that there’s not going to be long lines in the cafeteria,” said Hicks.

The café can be an advantage for students who skipped breakfast, need to grab a quick snack for later on, or for trying to wake up in the morning. Many students usually skip breakfast to get to school on time. The new café can offer quick snacks to fill up empty stomachs. This new café can also help students that have senior release or late arrival from driving to a different loca to school. Senior, Katelyn Murphy, is eager to try out the new café and thinks it’s a good idea for students if they need a quick snack on the go.

“Honestly, I’m pretty excited. If someone needs a snack for a passing period, if they have senior release, or if they just got there for late arrival then it’s good to grab something and you aren’t starving and waiting until lunch to eat something,” said Murphy.

One of the obvious menu items in the café will be coffee. The coffee will be freshly brewed and students can add sugar, milk, or any other essential students enjoy in their coffee. Sophomore, Haley Hudson, says this would definitely be her go-to.

“I think it’s a good addition to the cafeteria because the coffee can give you energy and I run on caffeine. I would totally go like two or three times a week to get some coffee to wake me up,” said Hudson.

Some students have speculated about the café’s menu. Students hope to see their favorite coffee shop items like frappes, cappuccinos, hot chocolate, and more. It’s not confirmed what exactly will be on the menu but students are anticipating the best from the menu. Junior, Christopher Ricks, says he thinks students will react to the café as a positive addition and is happy with the change.

“I think other students will react positively because it’s different and new. I don’t think other students should think about it in a negative way. I don’t think there should be a problem,” said Ricks.

Students either have high expectations or low expectations, like regular hot coffee and not many options for the new café. Some students are interested and other students think it’s just another line in the cafeteria. Addisyn Ross, freshman, doesn’t see it that way. She loves frappes and would like to order that from the café. She also believes that other students should have high expectations for the new café since it’s a big change to the school. 

“My expectations are high because it’s a new café and it’s a pretty big deal. I also think other students should have high expectations because we’re the ones who are going to be drinking coffee and eating the snacks, so I hope the new cafe will be a great addition to the cafeteria and I hope it stays,” said Ross.

The new café is bringing excitement to students at Lake Ridge High School. From the rest of the anonymous menu items, a helpful way to seniors on late arrival or senior release, and a great way to start your day off right with some freshly brewed coffee along with some snacks. The new café will arrive in less than two weeks in the Lake Ridge cafeteria.