IT: Chapter 2

 “You’ll float too,” is the iconic line from Stephen King’s book IT. In 1990, a movie adaptation of the famous book was directed by Tommy Lee Wallace. The movie adaptation of the book is loved by many. The website IMDb says that the movie is ranked one of the most watched Horror Films of the century, starring actors like Tim Curry and Richard Thomas. In 2016, a  renovated movie of the original IT started filming in June of that year, with director, Andy Muschietti. Many people were excited to see the movie with stars that they know, and the overall improved look of the movie. In September of 2017, the new IT movie came out and people had many mixed reactions to the actors. Freshman, Maria Rameriz watched the original and renovated IT movies and instantly loved them. Rameriz explains her reaction to the renovated IT and why she enjoyed it,

“I really liked the movie, because I thought the choice in actors were great, so I was excited to see the characters come back and for the plot to be different,” Rameriz said.

The movie follows seven teens in a small town in Maine, who are trying to figure out why the main characters, Bill Denbrough, and Georgie mysteriously disappeared after playing in the rain with a paper boat made by Bill. The teens come across Pennywise who explains that he is a “dancing clown.” He does this to be funny, but instead he persuades children to come closer to him, so he can eat them. The movie is also in the perspective of the same seven teens, but as adults. 

 On September 6, 2019, the wait was over for the IT fans. The sequel, IT: Chapter 2, came to movie theaters with the same characters and actors including Pennywise and Bill. The movie picks up with the perspective of the seven teens and adults, who make a plan about fighting back, and figure out as to why Pennywise is still taking these children and eating them for enjoyment. They want to escape their past life after many deaths and adult problems, and live a normal life without thinking about death or the dancing clown again.

The movie has been out for a week, and as people are watching the movie, reactions to the sequel are everywhere online. The first movie was done really well and it took awhile for the second film to come out, so fans were expecting a lot after waiting so long. Fans are excited to see their favorite characters come back to the big screen and seeing if there is a new plot or any new characters. Junior, Chayce Earl, is excited for his favorite character, Richie, to appear in the sequel.

“He was one of the funniest characters in the first movie out of the group, and his character will be even funnier with Bill Harder portraying him. It is always fun to see my favorite actors become my favorite character,” said Earl.

Horror movies are not everyone’s favorite genre. They are disliked, because of the many different factors such as the clown in IT. Some young adults dislike clowns, so they decide not to watch the movie. Some young adults also say that they will never see horror movies. Sophomore, Shelby Frey, will never see the movie, but might when she gets older and wants to see what it is about.

“I don’t want to see it right now, but when I am older I might want to, because people will have opinions on it, and I will want to see what it is about and why people say it is so good,” said Frey.

Overall, IT: Chapter 2 is a great movie with characters we know and love. Get ready for those jump scares and go see for yourself who Pennywise is, and perhaps “you’ll float too.”