Humans of Lake Ridge

“Being a part of a team makes me feel like I have worth and can belong to something important. In this day in age you can get burned out really easily and just get lost in the world. Having something, like football, helps bring a variety to my life. Getting to do what I love for a good hour or two helps me get out of my head. I just forget about the day and focus on football. Being kicker especially helps a lot. When I get on the field I just put all my force and power into the ball by kicking it and it’s almost like therapy to me. It’s really like an art to me. That’s what makes it so special. People don’t really realize, but kicking takes skill and patience. You can’t just run up to a ball and kick it and expect it to go into the post. Learning how to kick or even play football gives me a chance to learn not only to work with my team, but how to interact more with the individual players. It helps me see more of what my teammates are going through or how hard things can be in other people’s lives. It’s important to be good on and off the field. Help those around you and just be a good light to those that are in your life.”