Arnold Overcoming Adversities


Courtesy of Nate Sanchez

Mr. Cody Arnold addresses his English class. Sharing his high school struggles make him more endearing to his students.

Underneath the facade of a strong person lies a vulnerability. Vulnerability to hurtful comments, snarky looks, and disrespectful insults. Amongst the students and faculty members, there is one teacher who lives, laughs, and teaches shamelessly without forgetting who they are.

From being fat shamed to hearing comments on how his voice was different from the rest, English Teacher, Cody Arnold, has faced many different adversities during his childhood. However, as years went by, he learned to love himself and not worry what other people had to think about him. Embracing his insecurities made him develop not only as a human being, but also as a teacher. Arnold’s way of connecting with his students is like no other. He takes his time and patience with his students, so that they feel as if they can overcome challenges.

“I take my time to make a strong connection with my students. I focus more heavily on making the connections with the kids, that way they know that they can come to me with whatever they need and typically I feel when I do that, the students do a lot better on their assignments, tests, or anything like that because they’ll want to move mountains,” said Arnold.

“Wit Beyond Measure is Man’s Greatest Treasure,” the mantra Arnold stands by which originates from his favorite book series, Harry Potter. Due to the Harry Potter influence, pictures of his loved ones, and representations of who he is, it creates a welcoming environment for his students. Students are prompted to perform well in his class in part to his teaching strategies. Sophomore, Shaniya Bass likes the way he connects with students. Arnold has helped her perform better in a subject she often struggled in.

“He is very understanding and elaborate when explaining lessons. He makes it incredibly easy to stay focused in class due to the fact that unlike other teachers, he makes his material interesting by making jokes and speaking energetically thus causing his students to be more engaged in his teachings,” said Bass.

Along with the ability to connect with his students, Arnold posses more attributes that raise his caliber as a teacher. For instance, his ability to connect real world situations into his lessons. With real world problems going on in the world like climate change and the potential impeachment, students find his lessons easier to comprehend. One of those students being Sophomore, Alexis Young who is typically in touch with the problems around the world.

“I’m very connected with the real world problems that is going on right now, so it is cool to see how he is including that type of stuff into the lessons. Also, it makes it easier for me to understand the concept he’s teaching,” said Young.

Arnold is amongst those people that affect the colleagues and students around them with a bright smile and bubbly attitude. Without being in his class or even having him as a teacher, just seeing him stand out in front of his door awaiting his students, gives off a welcoming attitude. For junior, Shalom Iranloye, passing Arnold in the halls leaves an affect on her which is unforgettable.

“I see him in the hallways everytime I walk through the third floor and he’s always smiling. He looks like an amazing teacher to have. Not saying that the teacher I have isn’t good, but if I didn’t have the teacher that I have now, I would love to have Mr. yes Arnold as mine,” said Iranloye

Fat shamed for being “a little chubby,” criticized for having a different sounding voice, and being picked on for being different. Through all of those hardships Arnold went through, in the end, he prevailed and came out to be a better person. Through the good and the bad times, he has made sure that he keeps a smile on his face and is dedicated to having his students meet or even exceed their own expectations.