Danny Jones Career Day

Parker M. and Bryan Brinegar

Eighth grade students participated in their first Career Day on Wednesday, Jan. 22 at Danny Jones.

The day began with the presenters meeting in the library where student ambassadors and school counselors greeted them. Staff Sgt. Anthony Caiera, Career Day presenter, seizes each chance to teach what may lie ahead in the future for them.

”Any time I have a chance to speak to young men and women about potential opportunities that they have, I am going to take it because I didn’t always have those options when I was a kid,” Caiera said.

Counselor Tonya Willis planned the event. Her hopes were to inform and provide students with various career options. 

”I think it opened up [the students’] eyes about the responsibility that they’re eventually going to have and different careers out there in the world,” Willis said.

Many of the students that partook in Career Day agreed that it revealed many careers they were unaware of. Eighth-grader Clark Tran thought the event was productive and informative.

”I think it was an opening to many paths you can take, because it shows you a lot of options for your career,” Tran said.

One of the main reasons for planning career day was to show students that there were paths other than college that could be taken. John Mosley, Barber and educator, took the opportunity to address an alternative career choice.

“I feel like sometimes parents teach kids that they just have to go to college,” Mosely said. “But sometimes the kid wants to be creative and I’m in a creative field.”

Danny Jones Career Day was a success in showing students that there are many different options you can pursue in life.