The 5 Keys to Love


Bethany Boyer

Through the various Love Languages, people can express their affection to others in a variety of ways.

Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Receiving Gifts, Quality Time, and Physical Touch : The Five Love Languages. Different people have different ways of expressing love to their significant other. From buying them extravagant items to just being in their presence, each love language compliments a different style of love and affection. And with Valentine’s Day approaching, love is in the air and Love Languages are being spoken and heard.

Expressing affection through spoken affection, praise or appreciation is known as Words of Affirmation. Whether it’s telling a significant partner that they are beautiful or that they are enough, some people have a soft spot for those sympathetic words. One person being sophomore, Johnathon Johnson, takes the time to appreciate the affirming words that are exchanged between him and his partner.

“Sometimes, I think to myself how I got my girlfriend, because she is way out of my league in my opinion. However, whenever she compliments me and tells me that we deserve each other, it just reassures me that she’s mine,” said Johnson.

Acts of Service includes Actions, rather than words, are used to show and receive love. Simple acts such as taking someone out to eat or going out to the movies can make someone swoon out of love and vouch for a passionate love that are in the movies. As for sophomore, Ose Ehovuon, going out and having a good time at the mall or the park makes his dates way more enjoyable.

“I think I connect with Acts of Service a lot, because I love whenever I get to take her out and have a good time. Other actions I like are like phone calls, when we stay on the phone all night long, whenever the sun goes down and the moon comes up,” said Ehovuon.

The love language, receiving gifts, is the act of gifting as a symbol of love and affection. It could be as simple as a box of chocolates and a bouquet of flowers or it could be as lavish like those big teddy bears they sell at the local grocery store. Gifts can have meaning most dearest to someone’s heart or have little to none meaning at all. Either way, gifts signify a love represented through objects. For sophomore, Danielle Montgomery, gifts warm her heart with significance.

“Whenever I get gifts or presents from my significant others, it makes me feel special, it makes me feel wanted, important, and valued. Also, I love getting gifts. Overall, it just makes me feel loved,” said Montgomery.

Quality Time, the expressing of affection with undivided, undistracted attention. Someone’s presence is worth more than pricey gifts or phone calls to some. Being there, face to face, in the arms of a loved one is sacred to some. Especially for sophomore, Kaitlyn Bennett, she expresses her love with her loved ones by taking the time of day to do her favorite hobbies with them.

“I love spending quality time with my loved ones. We usually ride horses or do the equestrian things we like or whenever I go to church on Wednesday’s and Sunday’s, I see my loved ones and we spend quality time catching up and just overall hanging out,” said Bennett.

Physical Touch : It can range from kissing to holding hands. With this love language, the speaker feels affection through physical touch. The feeling of one’s hands interlock with another’s and being trapped in one’s embrace is the best way to maintain a relationship to some. With sophomore, Brittany Rodriguez, being hand to hand with her partner makes her feel loved.

“Being touched makes me feel warm inside, it also makes me feel many different emotions. When we are both sharing bodies with each other, it is so satisfying to be in my loved one’s arms. Whether it’s cuddling or holding hands, it just makes me feel loved,” said Rodriguez.

The five different Love Languages prove there are plenty of ways to express love and receive it. There are over one hundred languages spoken around the world, but a Love Language is the language that is the key to a special someone’s heart.