Administrators Allow Cellphones During Lunchtime

The Danny Jones administration, after much consideration, decided to allow phones in the cafeteria on Monday, February 3rd. Assistant Principal Dave Hodgson said he thought it would make lunch more enjoyable for the students.

Many students at Danny Jones believe that phones in the cafeteria provide a period where you can relieve stress and relax. This encourages a quieter lunchroom, and more focused students.

“Privacy issues and photo-taking were our initial concerns,”  Hodgson said. “But I think it could make lunch quieter, and the kids would like it.

With the assistant principal, as well as other office staff considering it, other students had opinions of their own.

“I think it’s a good idea. I like my phone, and I could look at stuff while I eat.”  Jadon Edwards said.

After the decision was made, the school  tested out the new rule on Monday. 

“I loved having my phone at lunch,” 8th grader Bianca Medina said. “The cafeteria didn’t seem that much quieter, but I felt like we had more freedom.” 

Many students at Jones agree that this addition to the lunch experience is much appreciated, and this is a big step for Danny Jones Middle School.