Air Force Ones rise in popularity with students

Nike Air Force one’s are a very popular tennis shoe that has landed in many middle schoolers’ closets.

Students love them because they are such reliable shoes. They come in so many different colors and styles.

”They are my favorite shoes, they match everything,” eighth-grader Madison Houston said. 

Not only are these shoes popular because of their looks, but also the internet. Memes are very funny and middle schoolers enjoy them. These memes introduced black Air Force One’s.  

”People who wear black Air Force one’s scare me.” seventh-grader Sophia Rodriguez said.

Some students look beyond the shoe. 

“It’s not only about the shoes it’s about the story behind it,” eighth-grader Valentine Bobby said.  “It was a random design that nobody liked in the 20th century and it used to be a basketball shoe, a very underrated basketball shoe.”