Danny Jones Students To Go On Field Trips This Spring

 In April both seventh and eighth grade students will be going on field trips to the Dallas Zoo and Main Event.

     Students are excited for the field trips and getting out of school.

      “It’s going to be very fun. I’m going down,” eighth-grader Lakyn Purcell said.

       The price for the eighth-grade trip is $20 and the seventh-grade trip is $10. Some students, like eighth-grader Jenna Jackson, feel the price is too high.

        “It’s dumb how we have to pay $20 because some other field trips are cheaper. Most field trips are not much money,” she said.

         Eighth-Grade Day will include zip lines, gravity ropes, bowling, laser tag, and virtual reality.  

         “Part of the fun is just finding a place and just hanging out with your friends,” Assistant Principal Dave Hodgson said.

       This is a  time to hang out with your friends and plus it’s the first time eighth-graders go off campus.

       “All that I can say is that you should have fun and you will also be able to use your technology,” Hodgson said.

         Part of the fun is that it’s a brand new place and students are going to be able to enjoy a day without classes.