Super Bowl Scandal


Courtesy of Google Images

Jennifer Lopez and Shakira headlined the Super Bowl 54 halftime show

In early February, families all over America gathered to watch the Kansas City Chiefs take on the San Francisco 49ers at the Super Bowl. Many anticipated the annual halftime show with Shakira and Jennifer Lopez to be a huge success. However, not many people thought it was the best show they had prepared.

In late February, The Federal Communications Commission, FCC, received over 1,300 complaints by displeased parents who believed the halftime show “exposed some things kids shouldn’t have seen.” Freshman, Trinity Martinez, says she liked the have time show but she felt somewhat uncomfortable watching the show with her younger cousins.

“I found the show entertaining, but it was awkward watching it with my younger cousins who were kind of confused why Jennifer Lopez was dancing on a pole. I didn’t explain it to them because I didn’t want to expose them and I, most likely, would’ve gotten in trouble,” said Martinez.

“I liked the halftime show with Shakira and Jennifer Lopez. I found the show entertaining, but it was awkward watching it with my younger cousins who were kind of confused why Jennifer Lopez was dancing on a pole. I didn’t explain it to them because I didn’t want to expose them and I, most likely, would’ve gotten in trouble,” said Martinez.

Martinez also believes while planning the halftime show, Shakira and Jennifer Lopez should’ve thought of the kids and the rest of the households around America watching.

“I do think that Shakira and J.Lo should’ve kept it PG for the kids and other families watching. Planning the halftime show seems like it takes months to do, so while planning they should’ve thought about the kids first and then choreographing dances and designing costumes that are appropriate. That way the kids don’t ask any interesting questions,” said Martinez.

Unlike Martinez, AVID teacher, Shaylin Colbert, says she liked the halftime show and didn’t think the show would be an issue.

“I liked the halftime show. I didn’t see a problem with it. My kids were watching and they liked it and they didn’t ask any interesting questions about it when it was over so I don’t see why a lot of parents are complaining over a performance that most people enjoyed and celebrated,” said Colbert.

Other complaints go straight to boycotting Pepsi and the National Football League, for allowing Shakira and Jennifer Lopez to make the halftime show the opposite of kid friendly. Sophomore, Lori Janis, says although she didn’t approve of the halftime show, the boycotting threats cross a line.

“I didn’t like the halftime show because I thought it was inappropriate. They kept on showing their bottoms and Jennifer Lopez dancing on a pole was unnecessary. However, I know people who are wanting to boycott Pepsi and the NFL for the halftime show and that to me is way too far. Just because you didn’t like the halftime show, doesn’t mean that you have to go to extreme lengths, like boycotting, to prove how much you disliked the whole show,” said Janis.

While Janis herself did not like the performance, she says that the people with the same opinion as her should still be respectful towards it.

“Yeah I didn’t like it but a lot of people did. I think the people who disliked the halftime show are being disrespectful to the people who did like the show. Just because I didn’t like it doesn’t mean I’m going to be rude or disrespectful to the people who loved the show and I hope other people do the same,” said Janis.

Unlike Janis and Martinez, many other people loved the halftime performance. Sophomore, Mayra Gonzalez, says she was in awe while watching the halftime show. Gonzalez says the show wasn’t inappropriate, it was just Latinos partying and having a good time.

“I thought the halftime show was amazing. I think Shakira and J.Lo did the halftime show justice. A lot of people are complaining about the show because it was inappropriate for their kids and that’s not true, in my opinion. The way Shakira and J.Lo were dancing is how Latinos dance. It was simply just a party and they wanted us Latinos to be represented for once because I feel like Latinos never get recognition. So for those ladies to do that, was very empowering,” said Gonzalez.

Gonzalez says she is confused towards the FCC complaints and compares last year’s halftime show performance, with Maroon 5, to this year’s performance with the Latin pop stars.

“I think the complaints to the FCC are ridiculous. Last year, Adam Levine performed at the halftime show and towards the end he took his shirt off, which was very disgusting, yet nobody said anything about it. So I don’t understand why people are hating on Shakira and J.Lo being inappropriate when last year’s halftime show was so terrible,” said Gonzalez.

Like Gonzalez, Chloe Watson, senior, also appreciated the halftime performance. Watson wasn’t uncomfortable with the performance and found the show entertaining. She also believes boycotting Pepsi and the NFL is unbelievable.

“That whole performance was very entertaining. My whole family and I loved it. A lot of annoyed parents have been making a fuss about the show and it’s insane. Not only that, but people are also wanting to boycott Pepsi and the NFL together and that’s even more insane. I haven’t heard the word boycott in a very long time so it’s just crazy that people are going so far to prove their point that the whole show was scandalous and it wasn’t,” said Watson.

Super Bowl LIV broadcast drew 102 million total viewers on Fox. The halftime show complaints received by the FCC represented one one-thousandth of a percent of all viewers. Despite the numerous complaints, Shakira’s “Hips Don’t Lie” and J.Lo is still “Jenny from the Block.”