Track Season Starts at Danny Jones MS

Track season tryouts started Feb. 25 at Danny Jones MS.

Eighth-grader Kelynn Swing looked forward to trying out.

“You try out by finding out what event you want and find out if you’re suited for it,” she said.

According to Coach Stephen Varcardipone, there are different events that students train for.

“Some events include mile, mile-and-a-half, 500 meter, and long jump,” he said. 

Track season officially began on Monday, March 2. 

Swing said the school provided the track clothes for the track season.

 “Hoodies, spikes, and a track outfit are all you need for track,” she said.

Students also have a hard time keeping up with their grades and balancing that out with track. In order to stay on the track team, students have to have good grades and stay fit throughout the season. 

Some athletes also feel motivated to keep going and being on the team because of the coaches and the older athletes. It makes them want to strive harder than they already are. 

“Just all the great athletes work really hard,” eighth-grader Kassidy Chance said.

Track isn’t difficult for most participants, they mostly prepare by applying knowledge from last year’s track season. Because of that, most of them aren’t as nervous as the ones who are first trying out. 

“Track is really fun,” Chance said. “It’s a great new experience for people to do.”