Celebrities VS Corona


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While many celebrities have come out in support of causes benefiting virus relief, a few have perhaps said too much.

As COVID-19, the Coronavirus, continues to spread, many celebrities have used social media as a way to express how they really feel about the coronavirus. Some celebrities have been expressing concern and want others to use precaution to protect themselves. While others have been reacting in a way no one expected.

Entrepreneur, investor, and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban, claimed he and his team want to do their part to help the community during the Coronavirus pandemic. Cuban promised to pay all hourly workers at the American Airlines Center for games missed while the NBA season is suspended. Cuban along with Dallas Mavericks players, Luka Dončić and Dwight Powell, have already donated $500,000 to the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center and Parkland Hospital. Sophomore, Lilly Harris, said she thought what Mark Cuban is doing is a great way to support the community during this struggling time.

“I’m such a big Dallas Mavericks fan, so when I found out that Mark Cuban was going to continue to pay for the people who work for the American Airlines Center, I thought it was a great idea. They even donated money to a hospital, which was another great idea. What Mark Cuban is doing is really helping out people and the community. Especially during this difficult time when people, hospitals, and food banks need help the most,” said Harris.

Over the past weekend, actress, Gal Gadot, best known for her role as Wonder Woman, released a video of her and other celebrities singing to John Lennon’s Imagine. The video was released on Instagram and it didn’t receive the intended reaction. Sophomore, Erin Shinkle, said she thought the video had a nice message but didn’t think it was necessary.

“Don’t get me wrong, I love Gal Gadot, but the video was cringy and I didn’t need it. I know everything is going to be okay because I’ve always seen that all bad things have a light at the end of the tunnel. It’s great that she’s reacting to this virus in a positive way and not in a bad way though,” said Shinkle.

Actors, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, have both donated $1 million dollars to be split with Feeding America and Food Banks Canada. They both took to each other’s Instagram stories and Twitter accounts to encourage others to donate to food banks and to stay home during this uneasy time. Junior, Audrey Byrne, said she was surprised when the two made the announcement and believes it’s the best thing celebrities can do right now.

“I was surprised when Blake and Ryan made the announcement and I thought that’s the greatest thing celebrities and influencers can do in this moment of time. Since celebrities have and make a lot of money for what they do, they can always donate some of their money for people who need it more than they do. Like hospitals, food banks, and nonprofits. I hope more celebrities are inspired by what Blake and Ryan did so they can do the same,” said Byrne.

Unlike some celebrities, over the weekend actress Vanessa Hudgens took to her Instagram live to talk to her fans. During her live stream, fans started to ask her what she thought of the idea of quarantine, self-isolation, and COVID-19 in general. The actress questioned how necessary the idea of self-isolation and social distancing was, even going as far to comment that the ideas were absurd. Hudgens’ response was described by Twitter users as “horrible and heartless.” Since Hudgens’ live stream, she posted an apology on Twitter, changed her Instagram biography, and posted a picture on Instagram with a group of nurses holding signs that read, “We stay here for you, please stay home for us.” Freshman, Addisyn Ross, said she felt hurt by what Hudgens had to say but is glad she apologized right after her comments.

“What she said was really rude and she offended a lot of people. She also sent the wrong message to the young kids who look up to her. I’m still kind of a fan but she shouldn’t be saying those types of things, especially during a problematic time like this. I’m just glad she came to her senses and apologized for those horrible comments she made,” said Ross.

Another student who felt Hudgens was in the wrong was sophomore, Owen O’Connor. O’Connor states that Hudgens should’ve thought twice before she answered fans asking about her opinion on COVID-19. O’Connor also said she should take things positively like what other celebrities have been doing.

“Vanessa shouldn’t have said those things in the first place. It was unnecessary of her to do that. She should’ve thought twice before saying what she said. This is the worst time to be negative on social media and just in the world in general. We all have to stick together emotionally and what Vanessa is doing isn’t the way to go. She needs to take some notes on what other celebrities are doing. Her apology was decent and it’s good that she even apologized,” said O’Connor. 

Whether it’s in a positive or negative way, most celebrities have taken to their social media accounts to make comments on the coronavirus and how it’s affecting the world. From encouraging others to stay inside, to making donations, most are trying to unite their fans in support for this cause and their communities.