“Band” Together


Olinda Acosta-Fierro

The Lake Ridge Eagle Band will miss out on their various upcoming, planned events due to the pandemic.

COVID-19, the Coronavirus, has been cancelling major events from concerts, to movie premiers, and professional sports all over the world. Closer to home students have also felt the sting of having events canceled.

The Lake Ridge Eagle Band had to cancel both their Pre-UIL competition and their actual UIL competition both scheduled to take place in April at the MISD PAC.  The band never even got the chance to select their set list. Sophomore flute player, Olinda Acosta-Fierro, said the band had been deciding which songs were going to be the best to perform.

“Before all of this happened, we were playing and practicing several times to see which songs we were going to play. I was looking forward to spending the competitions with my sister and the rest of my friends because it was our second year doing UIL together. We were all pretty sad about it being cancelled because it’s something that the band works on this whole semester and for it to be cancelled, we have nothing to work for anymore. We’ve all been keeping calm during this time and hoping for the best in what lies ahead for the band,” said Acosta-Fierro.

Another set back the band had was the choreography for each song. Since they hadn’t decided on what songs they were going to perform, they didn’t have the time to plan out choreography and costumes for their performances. Junior flute player, Veronica Williams, said she’s disappointed the band never got a chance to choreograph the routines.

“I wish we did get to choreograph the routines because those are always super fun to do, even if it gets tiring sometimes. This is kind of the beginning of the end of my journey with the band and the fact it had to be cancelled is just pretty sad but I know it was cancelled for everyone’s health and the greater good. Band is one of the most important things in my life and I hope we get to do UIL next year. The best thing we can do right now is being there for each other just not physically,” said Williams.

Another band member disappointed about the competitions cancelled is sophomore saxophone player, Noah Obuya. Obuya believes the band will have a chance to perform at UIL next year and encourages the rest of his bandmates to remain hopeful for a brighter and better future.

“I’m so disappointed about UIL. But I hope the rest of my band members will remain positive and hopeful for UIL next year and band season in general. We will come back stronger than before. I know we will have a great, fun, and better experience next year at UIL because band is the one of the greatest things ever and we can overcome anything,” said Obuya.

Like Obuya, freshman trombone player, Trinity Martinez, said she remains optimistic about the Eagle Band’s future with UIL. Martinez was excited about competing in her first UIL competitions with her bandmates but understands she’ll have a unique experience to reflect on.

“I’m just as heartbroken as everyone else. I was really looking forward to UIL since it’s one of my firsts. I was also pretty happy to spend the competitions with my friends. This virus has taken over everything, even our band competitions. Even though it’s a different time right now, I’m still remaining confident about the band and how we will, definitely, make a comeback next year for both UIL competitions. Band has been a great experience and it’s an interesting story to tell when I’m an upperclassman,” said Martinez.

Additionally, the Eagle Band was supposed to have a small competition in DisneyLand in Orlando, Florida. Many band members were looking forward to the trip; however, due to COVID-19, the trip was cancelled. Sophomore and bassoon player, Daniel Akinola, said he feels crushed that the Disney trip was cancelled but understands the situation.

“I feel frustrated that I wasted my money but I also understand due to the current conditions of the world the Disney trip we were looking forward to just isn’t possible. It’s frustrating but I’ve come to terms with it and hopefully we can get a do over next year,” said Akinola.

Even though UIL competitions and planned trips have been cancelled, the Eagle Band has been doing what they can to remain positive during this uneasy time for everyone.