The Fate of Prom

While most seniors are disappointed they will not be able to experience a traditional prom, they are encouraged the district is trying to create an event for them.

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While most seniors are disappointed they will not be able to experience a traditional prom, they are encouraged the district is trying to create an event for them.

As MISD remains closed due to COVID-19, many school related events have been cancelled. Including, all UIL competitions, field trips, and high school sports events. Despite the various cancellations, this year’s 2020 prom is still scheduled to occur in a different way than expected. MISD officials released a statement on the fate of prom.

“All MISD High School Proms have been rescheduled to take place at the MISD Center for the Performing Arts. Lake Ridge Senior Prom is scheduled for Friday, June 12 from 7:30 p.m. – 11:00 p.m. at the Center for the Performing Arts. More details to come,” said district officials.

This leaves many seniors to wonder about the future of the virus, and how it could influence the potential prom. Senior, Chloe Watson, said she has been wondering about prom since the district extended the shut down, and admits that she is wishing for the dance to happen as planned.

“I have been thinking about prom since the shutdown began. I don’t want prom to get cancelled because I wanted to go with my best friend and we wanted to have a good time. I’m really hoping that prom doesn’t get cancelled because I’ve been looking forward to going since my freshman year and the fact that it might get cancelled really worries me. I also hope that this situation gets better so we can all go back to our normal lives and prom can happen without any issues,” said Watson.

Senior, Katelyn Murphy is just as concerned as some of her fellow senior class members on the fate of prom. Murphy planned on having a night to remember with her closest friends.

“I’ve been looking forward to prom since I was in middle school. It sounds crazy and early for someone to be wondering about prom, but I’ve always wanted to go and to have a good time. I’m worried that prom might get cancelled; I was going to go with my group of friends. We were going to get all dressed up together, we were going to rent a limo together, and spend the entire night together. I’m just hoping this virus stuff gets better not worse,” said Murphy.

Senior, Gabriel Vivoni, is disappointed about the outcome of prom, much like his classmates, but is grateful the district at least rescheduled prom for a different time and place.

“I was going to go with a date and a couple friends. I’m disappointed because I was pretty excited. I felt like I waited too long for something just to be cancelled. A reschedule is definitely needed though. I hope it gets better so that prom doesn’t become a source of anyone’s problems or become a disaster, a lot of people paid and really don’t want it to flop,” said Vivoni.

Senior, Logyn Hinds, was going to prom but due to the extended shut down, she’s decided not to go. Hinds isn’t concerned about prom but is more concerned about the future for her freshman year of college.

“I was going to prom with my friends. Since this shutdown got extended, my friends and I agreed we just shouldn’t go. We thought it would be best if we did like a Zoom call together on prom night and just talk to each other and have fun in that way. I’m not worried about prom, but I do feel bad for the people that do really want to go to prom that might get cancelled as a whole. The feeling sucks but we just have to get through it. I’m just more concerned about my freshman year of college. I’ve been wondering if the virus isn’t over by then, I’m going to be an online college student and I want the full college experience,” said Hinds.

Even though most events are cancelled for Lake Ridge seniors, the idea of a prom remains a possibility. Many seniors are hoping the pandemic gets better not just for prom but also so they can return back to their normal lives.