Students, Staff Return To School With New Procedures


Students line up to enter Danny Jones on the first day of in-person classes. Hand sanitizer stations were set up for students to use as they entered the building.

Mya Hunt and Nia Muhammad, DJMS Editors

Staff and students at Danny Jones Middle school returned to campus Tuesday, Sept. 8, and have taken precautions to ensure everyone’s safety.

While on campus, students must wear their masks at all times.

Seventh-grader Roy Davis feels that wearing a mask all day is uncomfortable because it’s hard to breathe, but he understands that masks are needed.

“It’s kind of hard to breathe but I like it because it helps with social distancing,” he said.

Teachers, like students,  have had to adjust to wearing a mask while at school and around others.

“I do sometimes forget when I’m sitting in my office, and I’ve taken it off,” choir teacher Karen Myers said.  “When I get up to go somewhere, I sometimes forget to put it back on.”

A new adjustment made on campus is the one-way hallways that keep everyone walking in the same direction.

Eighth-grader Lananh La believes that it’s difficult to get around the school with these new safety measures.

“The one-way hallways are very inconvenient and it’s hard to get to class,” she said.

In the cafeteria students have assigned seats with dividers in between them that keep distance while eating.

Eighth-grader Kayla Njau doesn’t like these changes made in the lunchroom.

“The seating sucks and it’s hard talking through the dividers so it’s just awkward,” she said.

The teacher’s lounge has been pretty empty for the most part since teachers also have to social distance while eating.

Myers feels lonely during her lunch breaks because she isn’t able to eat with co-workers.

“Lunch gets a little lonely because we all used to eat together but now we eat in our rooms alone,” she said.

Though this situation isn’t wonderful, students and staff, including assistant principal Dave Hodgson, still enjoy seeing each other from a distance.

“I like being in person and seeing people’s faces because it brightens up our situation,” he said.