COVID-19 Interferes With Fine Arts Programs


Madison Krysinski

Two students play flutes through holes in their mask. Band students have specialized mask to help them play their instruments.

COVID-19 has affected the Fine Arts electives at Danny Jones Middle School this year due to new protocols and overall performance changes.   

Performances in the Theatre elective have been cancelled due to COVID for the beginning of the school year.

Theatre teacher Alfredo Tamayo said that the first semester competition, the One Act performance, has been cancelled.

 “We usually do the One Act in December but I do not think we are doing it this semester anyways,” he said. “I think it will be moved to next semester.”

The Theater department is facing changes towards their shows, and the amount of people allowed to perform. 

Students like eighth-grader Daeshawn Lewis, for example, attended the school last year and were able to see how the theater department and shows work. This year, although there are changes, anyone who wants to participate in Theatre or other activities will most likely be able to.

 “Even with COVID and limits you are still able to be yourself and put your creativity to use,” Lewis said. 

 Some specific procedures for Band students include wiping down the music stands, wearing a mask with a slit for the mouth, and sitting 6 feet apart. As for performances, those will be online. 

Band director Eric Bolden  believes that these procedures are best for the situation at hand.

“Honestly, I think we’re doing a really good job procedure wise, as well as with the expectations here, and I’m fine with it,” he said. “Though some may be uncomfortable with the procedures, it’s good that they are still striving to not get infected.”

In Choir, the fall and traditional winter concerts have been canceled, along with some other choir related activities such as Girls and Guys Night and a fall field trip.

Choir director Karyn Myers said if they were to have a concert they would need a venue with a lot of space so that students and audience members could spread out.

“While I am glad to have some of the kids in person, it damages the program to not have all the students here,” she said. “It is a team effort and we work best when we have all the members here together.”