Streaming in Quarantine

Movie theaters have closed and new movies are being streamed online due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

New movies have been released and some have been canceled due to the virus outbreak. Movies studios are struggling to release films as it is hard for theaters to follow safety protocols.

Seventh-grader Meredith Lamptey thinks that streaming movies and staying home might feel new and different from what students have been used to but if they want to stay healthy, they should make these sacrifices.

“Why do people want to go to the movie theaters when they have a TV and everything they need at home?” she said. “People should look at the possibilities of other options when they have problems like this. We want to stay healthy but leaving home to watch movies really isn’t the way to.’’

During the pandemic, studios began releasing movies on streaming platforms instead of movie theaters. Due to this, many people have increasingly turned to streaming platforms during the pandemic. 

Eighth-grader Samuel Williams thinks that movie theaters should stay closed to prevent further spread of the pandemic. Some reasons he thinks they should be closed are because movie theaters have people indoors, close to each other, and the seats are reused after each movie. 

“I believe a good alternative to theaters is an outdoor cinema because it keeps people socially distanced, there is no need to wipe down things because it keeps them in their own car and space, and it’s outdoors,” he said.

At this moment the pandemic is forcing more people to stream movies because it’s safer and easier. 

Eighth-grader Jayden Nox thinks that streaming movies are better due to the fact that he can have more choices in what he would like to watch. Streamed movies can also cost less than going to a movie theater because people can watch from home or on the go for a cheaper price.

“Movie theaters are overrated due to the fact of you having to pay about 10 or 20 dollars when you can watch from home whenever you want and watch when you’re going on a trip or even just laying in bed,” he said.