New Assistant Principal Builds Relationships With Students, Staff


LaDonna Orr is a new assistant principal at Danny Jones this year.  Even though she only started in July, Ms. Orr has some big plans to help improve the school.

One of the school’s problems, according to Orr, is students having their devices out at inappropriate times. Solving this issue is one of Orr’s priorities in making the school a better place.

“The greatest fault [of Danny Jones] would be that we have an issue with devices,” she said  “I’m seeing a lot of devices out when they shouldn’t be out, and I know it’s just kids love their devices, that’s all it is.  But, we’re starting to see a little bit too much of that.”  

Orr also believes the well-being of Danny Jones students is her top priority.  

She said that if anyone ever came to her office with an issue, she would do her best to see the full picture and resolve the issue to the best of her ability.

“If a student should come to my office, or a parent should come to my office and something is wrong, I am going to try to find the whole picture of what’s going on,” she said.  “And I want [the parents] to know that I want to work with them to develop a solution and work with a student to make sure that certain behaviors aren’t repeated.”

Danny Jones has made new changes to the overall workings of the school to adapt to COVID-19.

Orr believes that the school’s COVID-19 procedures are solid, but that they are taking effect on students.

“I think it’s really hard to social distance in a school, but I think we have really solid procedures and protocols in place to keep our students and teachers safe,” she said. “I think it’s starting to get a little bit hard on the students because the students are used to socializing at lunch, and in their classes they’re used to working together.”  

Seventh-grade ELA teacher Alix Allender appreciates Orr and everything she’s done for the school.

She thinks Orr is very encouraging and supportive.

“Without her, we would miss out on her presence and all she brings to the school,” she said.

Even Danny Jones’s students have taken a liking to Orr already.

Seventh-grader Taryn Stone said that Orr is a pleasant person to be around.

“I thought she was really nice,” Stone said “I enjoyed her company.”

Orr said that her favorite part about her job is the small kindnesses towards her that always make her day.  

She said that she feels kind of like a new kid on the block, and the small gestures make her feel welcome at Danny Jones.

“So, me being new to the campus, when a student says, ‘Good morning Ms. Orr,’ that’s huge to me,” Orr said. “Or, ‘Ms. Orr, what do you like to do?’ You know, just taking an extra step to get to know me, that’s my favorite part.”