Pandemic Rules Restrict Coaches, Players

COVID-19 has affected school sports for the athletes at Danny Jones Middle School.

The pandemic has affected the cheer team in several ways considering they touch each other  a lot.

Cheerleader and eighth-grader Zoey Yeboah said that they had to change many cheers, dances, and eliminate stunting because they are now a “no touch team.”

“We’re doing as much as we can to keep cheer as normal as possible while staying safe,” Yeboah said. 

COVID-19 has also made it difficult for the Danny Jones athletes to suit up and practice with each other.

According to Coach Dale Zimmerman it is hard keeping students clean and safe from COVID-19.

“Since athletics have returned, the number-one priority has been to practice safety protocols to keep everyone safe,” Zimmerman said.

COVID-19 has made work harder for Danny Jones coaches, and it can be difficult keeping students safe and disinfected.

Cross Country coach Ronald Kludy said it is challenging to keep the athletes 6 feet apart because they don’t listen.

“I do think we’ll get back to normal if we all just do our part to stop this virus,” Kludy said.