Driving Through The Heat


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Olivia Rodrigo and Sabrina Carpenter have major drama over Joshua Bassett.

Buckle up because the roads are getting rocky. What started out as a simple sad song about lost love turned into quite the controversy between Olivia Rodrigo and Sabrina Carpenter. Two women coming from similar pasts ‘fighting’ over the heart of Joshua Bassett. Since the release of Carpenter’s song, sending a debatable message of confidence and indifference, , the two Disney actresses have embarked on their crowning Sharpay Evans and Gabriella Montez moment.

Since releasing her Billboard Chart topping hit, ‘Drivers License,’ Rodrigo has gained massive popularity. She herself did not expect to blow up the way she did, as expressed on her socials, Twitter and Instagram. With fame, comes controversy, and there is a lot of heat surrounding Rodrigo. Most of it concerning who people think Rodrigo is singing about- Sabrina Carpenter and Joshua Bassett. On January 22nd, Carpenter released her response to the song in her recent single: Skin. Some people are speculating that Carpenter is throwing shots or being shady with her song, which dances on the line of the stereotypical diss track. For Junior, Danielle Montgomery, she believes the response was out of emotion.

“I believe that Sabrina made her song because she was hurt obviously. However, it could also be that she knew that would bring attention to the song and her. Allegedly, it’s all love from all three sides, but the course of things playing out, I doubt it. Sabrina and Joshua know what they’re doing, but Olivia is smart, simply staying quiet and enjoying her success,” said Montgomery.

Drama in the music industry is apparent and a situation like this is nothing new to the spotlight. Social Media users have been commenting that two beautiful artists should not be beefing over a man. People have also been commenting that the outside press and comments have been pitting women against each other. For Junior, Zainab Odunewu, the constant drama between women in the industry is influenced by the outside press.

“I personally don’t think women should be fighting over a man like this. Of course, people will feed off of it though and be entertained with it, but I think it’s a publicity stunt because they pulled this with Miley Cyrus, Nick Jonas, and Selena Gomez a few years back. One thing about Disney, they’ll make sure their ex-acts get a career beyond Disney. However, if this is real, I don’t see why Sabrina and Olivia’s controversy is being gaslighted like this, while Joshua is nowhere near the conversation,” said Odunewu.

Another contributing factor to the fire of this drama is the fans. Fans of Olivia Rodrigo and Sabrina Carpenter on Twitter and Instagram have been attacking each other for the sake of their favorite artists. Some believe that Sabrina Carpenter got her first Billboard chart entry out of the sake of her response to Rodrigo. And some say that Rodrigo would not have made ‘Drivers License’ if Carpenter was not dating Bassett. For Senior, Matilda Nwanna, she finds the reckless fan behavior absolutely ridicule.

“Fan behavior like this happens in every fanbase, with every female artist and sometimes male artists, but most of the time female, for some reason. However, it’s quite ridiculous to me the way they’re acting, but it was bound to happen and nothing will stop the fans from fighting, not even them two making amends,” said Nwanna.

From ‘Drivers License’ to ‘Skin,’ both songs are driving fans insane with all the controversy between allegations. To make things a little more spicy, Carpenter and Bassett will release a collaboration EP, ‘We Both Know’ in due time. However, while things are in the heat of the moment, only time will tell who will be under whose skin in the end.