DJMS Students To Take STAAR Test This Year

Danny Jones MS students and teachers will continue STAAR testing this year to track student progress.

Because students did not take the STAAR tests last year, the teachers were not able to track student progress.

Victoria Tieu said that she believes students need to take the STAAR tests this year to see their growth. 

“We will have to complete STAAR tests eventually, so we might as well do it now,” she said. “Some students might be falling behind, so the school needs to see to help them.”

Most of the assignments that students in virtual school are doing are very similar to the assignments students are doing in-person.

Eighth-grade history teacher Casey Sullivan said he thinks virtual and in-person students are prepared to take the STAAR tests this year.

“As long as they have been doing their work and paying attention,” he said, “they should do fine on the tests.”

Students and teachers from DJMS did not take the STAAR tests last year due to COVID-19. 

Brynlee Murray said she feels anxious to be taking the STAAR tests this year.

“I’m very worried that this year’s STAAR test will be very hard because what if they put last year and this year’s test info together considering we didn’t take it last year,” she said.

Because of students switching between online and in-person, some students feel like they aren’t prepared to take STAAR.

Gabriella Castilla thinks that we shouldn’t have to take the STAAR test this year.

“I know it’s necessary to see where you are and stuff, but I don’t really think they should do it based on the amount of kids getting quarantined,” she said.

With COVID-19 cases rising, a lot of parents are scared for their child’s safety, and don’t think they should take the STAAR test in person this year.

Local DJMS parent Linda Wurst said she thinks that with everything that is happening with COVID-19, she doesn’t want to expose her child and her family.

“I know the school is just trying to find out what my child learned, but they’re not only risking our children’s health, but theirs as well,” she said.