Tennis Season Starts at DJMS


Will Carter

Tennis students practice at Lake Ridge HS Feb. 8.

The Danny Jones tennis team started the 2021 season in March.

Even though the tennis team has to maintain social distancing with COVID, they are still working hard each practice.
Eighth-grader Zane Chaudhry said even with social distancing everyone has the energy and motivation to practice and improve.
“We always have to maintain social distancing and bring our own water bottles to keep everyone safe, but everyone is still the same. We are all hustling and having energy,” he said.

This tennis season will be intense because DJMS will be playing against several good schools.

Eighth-grader Maddy Ho said she wants to do better against the other schools this year.

“I want to beat Worley this year because they always beat us in the past,” she said.

This year the tennis team is starting back up again and participating in the upcoming tennis events

Seventh-grader Ella Frazier said tennis is the only sport she enjoys playing.

“I like to experience playing with my team and playing independently,” she said.

With most coaches already being there for seasons before this year’s, they have to adapt to the rules and adjustments caused by COVID.

Coach Kellie Williams said students will learn to communicate better with their new teammates.

“I think that the tennis team this year is going to learn grit and perseverance this season,” she said.